Should athletes be allowed to enhance their performance any way possible?

Asked by: thjane28
  • If the organization they belong to allows it

    This should not be an issue the government should be involved in. Private organizations can and in my opinion they should ban the use of steroids for performance-enhancement and if someone wants to create a league that allows steroids they can do so. Let the consumer decide on this one.

  • I agree with the statement.

    Athletes already rely on a variety of supplements and equipment to enhance their athletic abilities. Doping is simply another artificial means of improving athlete performance. This would allow athletes to break more records and would make sports more fun to watch. So, I think athletes should be allowed to enhance their performance any way possible.

  • I disagree with the statement

    Allowing drugs will ruin the spirit of sports.
    The sports are used to test limits of humans. If we use steroids, the victories are for chemical achievement, not physical achievement.
    Also, lots of danger will come, if we eat steroids. We an get serious disease that harms our lives, heart, and kidneys. For all people, we shouldn't allow drugs.

  • PEDs are for people who will never be good enough.

    People work their whole lives to get to where they are, then someone on drugs wants to come and take it all away because the DRUG makes them better. A real player works hard, and trains hard to be the best. A true athlete uses skills and talents, not drugs.

  • Athleticism is a measure of personal accomplishment.

    "Any" is a very extreme view. Track runners should not be able to drive race cars; boxers should not wield guns. Athletes are tested and admired for their physical prowess and control, and the outcome of their competitions should arise from discipline and determination, not artificial augmentations. That includes steroids.

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