• Athletes should be allowed to do steroids

    Athletes find ways to hide the fact they do drugs they have an unfir advantaged but if we let everyone take steroids that unfairness dissapears. Everyone would be juicing not anly making it ore fair, theyre making for a better game where we can truly witness the peak of human ability. Look at forbes.Com for more

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  • Fuck the steroids they are all shit i just think if you support yes you are a druggy

    Fuck the steroids they are all shit i just think if you support yes you are a druggy and if you use them you should fuck off wait do me a favour get the fuck outta here.
    P.S if you think you are cool using them you need to see a doctor lol

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  • They should be able

    It makes them better, it doesn't effect the fans and its not your choice it's there's so it doesn't effect you so let them do what they want to do and it's not fair if you get too not them. That's why they should be allowed to use steroids. Done

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  • Why Not Let Them

    Why shouldn't they be allowed to. The steroid era was considered one of the greatest times in baseball. Not only were the athletes amazing but ticket and merchandise sales were through the roof. Trying to limit it takes too much work enough. We are in fact humans and love to see the best and most entertaining humanly possible. If they choose the steroids then they know what they are getting in to and the health risks. Consider this. What do they do after they are done, sit in there living room watching younger people do what they used to.

  • Gives an unfair advantage.

    When an athlete uses steroids to enhance their game, it gives that player an unfair advantage over other players of that sport. Besides, there are some very severe side for using steroids. For example, cancer, high blood pressure , stroke, permanent organ damage. It can also make people very aggressive.

  • No they should not.

    Athletes should not be allowed to use steroids. I think using drugs as a means to get ahead in a sport is unfair and a very bad idea for the persons health. These drugs can have bad side effects and eventually make it harder for you to actually play the sport.

  • No, bad idea

    This would send a terrible message to youth athletes, and it'd make it an uneven playing field for professional ones. What if somebody doesn't want to endure the risks of taking steroids, they're just going to have to deal with being unable to compete with their peers? A really, really misguided idea from start to finish.

  • No, we should not allow cheating (aka steroids) in athletics.

    Okay, let me be as clear on this one as possible: If you need to use drugs to compete in sports effectively, you don't belong in sports. You are a cheater. If you don't have athletic ability, then you are simply not good enough. Enhancing yourself through the use of steroids is cheating.

  • Athletes should not be allowed to use steroids

    Athletes should not be allowed to use steroids because it gives them an unfair advantages over other athletes who do not used steroids. This is similar to cheating and is punishable such as punishments from cheating. If athletes want to use steroids, then it should be a rule that every athlete should be able to use steroids to be fair.

  • No, athletes should not be allowed performance-enhancing drugs.

    Part of the goal of athletics is to show one's own personal fitness and skill. If a person is taking performance-enhancing drugs, such as steroids, then s/he gains an unfair advantage over others. Many sports, like track, are about outdoing others' records. We aren't comparing apples to apples if we compare early runs done years ago to ones done now when people are using performance-enhancing drugs. The playing field is more level and is reliant on personal achievement and skills when drugs aren't allowed in sports.

  • Athletes should not be allowed to use steroids.

    Athletes should not be allowed to utilize steroids or any type of performance enhancing drug. The use and practice of performance enhancing drugs undermines the fundamental reason for engaging in sports; to enjoy oneself through the play of the game. Performance enhancing drugs contradicts this reason, and replaces it with a "win by any means necessary" mentality.

  • State your opinion

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  • Sports is made of hard work, not steroids

    If you need something in order to boost you up to the level of someone else that not sport because that person works hard and you don't. Taking steroids isn't an addition to your career it a shamefulness to your life. If you wanna take steroids, go join the junkkies.

  • It gives people an unfair advantage

    Sports were made to test the skills of players and if we let people start taking steroids, which is already very unhealthy to begin with, then it will make the game less entertaining since you know these people didn't work as hard for it as before which will most likely kill views in the sport.

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