• Athletes work longer

    Athletes start working at a very young age to become the best that they can be. If you think that they make more money and its not fair, why didn't you start training when you were younger to become a professional athlete. It takes work and effort and time away from your life

  • Yes, they should be

    Athletes have something special to offer just like a successful CEO. The athletes draw in so much money for the franchise that they are well worth the high pay. They have to risk their health on the field because of injuries. Only the best of the pros make an outrageous sum of money.

  • No wrong losers

    People think think that athetes should get more money because they are famous but what do they do to help or country and economy. Nothing. Teachers on the other hand they teach children that are the future of this world, and teachers are the people that teach children to give them an education so they can play sports.

  • Athletes are overrated

    Atheletes are given far too much money, due to their inflated importance and exposure via media. They're not actually earning this income, it's the product of a system that values and rewards such useless behavior over far more productive behavior that we should be encouraging instead within its place. It's time to stop overpaying them.

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