Should athletes be better role models for kids?

Asked by: Redscrap101
  • Inappropriate behavior is unacceptable

    Little kids grow up with a famous role model. They pretend to be like them that makes the kids want to do drugs drink and say mean things kids will be bad if they follow sports but I can see how there adults and do what they do. Because they are adults

  • Athletes work hard to get recognized.

    Any athlete knows that just playing the game isn't enough, you have to do it well. This means practicing to perfect that which is impossible to prefect. They consciously work hard to reach a level where they are recognized as great, but what they do when they get there is not always role-model material. If they know that they want to be great, they should also know that when they earn that status, they must act the part. Murder, rape, drunk driving; these traits are not the hallmark of a great person. Perseverance, dedication, kindness, understanding; these are the hallmark characteristics of a great person, and that is how a great person should act: athlete or not.

  • Athlete are terrible examples

    They have been good athletes when playing against each other yes... However some of the athletes have been arrested for several things and still get famous. Reason for that is because some kids look up to them thinking that they are so cool and want to be like them. That's my opinion... What's yours?

  • They should but

    But that's not the root problem here. The problem is that we give athletes too high a status. They are normal people. Putting 18 year old freshly made millionaires on a pedestal and holding them to a standard of behavior much higher than other 18 year olds is a dangerous game.

  • Because it's dangerous

    If they show more models to the children they also try to act them, so they will sometimes break their body parts or it will end from the death .Some Childs will be penalize forever .What will happen to their parents, they will fall from mental stress.After that the only thing that going to happen is getting dark the future of children

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