• Y u p

    They inspire kids to become better at whichever sport they play. This will get kids to exercise and be healthy, and under-exercising is a great concern for youth these days. With fitness, the kids will also develop different skills, whether that is social skills or athletic skills, these skills will help make kid better people.

  • Yes they should

    I think they should because they do amazing things and they inspire kid and adults to go out there and get there dream and to be athletic. Some will even follow there lead and became major athletes them self's. Others wont but those who do inspire more peolpe to be athletic.

  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that athletes should be considered role models. They are just really good at what they do. Some of them don't even want to be considered role models, the label is just placed on them by society. Just because they are really good at what they do and are given a lot of attention does not mean that they are "required" or something to act out as role models to us all. They are just there to play their sport, play it well and earn money.

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INKEDMUNK says2014-04-15T18:42:17.803
They should