• Yes they should!

    Drugs are really harm your body. Lance Armstrong cheated using drugs and got banned from bike racing forever. If people find out, your in so much trouble.
    It's better off provig that you don't take drugs. But overall, you shouldn't take drugs at all. Taking drugs to win games is flat out cheating, cause you didn't actually work to win. Same goes for if you are trying to get to the pro level, because you never actually worked hard and a lot, as many of the pro players actually worked hard for their dream to come true. Therefore, all athletes should be drug tested not just yearly, monthly.

  • Drugs are extremely harmful, even if you don't feel it now.

    Just take a moment, and step back to observe this predicament. Drugs are overrunning the world, and ruining every once decent person, and turns them into a shell of the person they used to be. Certain drugs give people an edge in almost any sport, and it's extremely dishonest to everyone, everywhere, that respect the game. This should NOT be tolerated anywhere, or at any place for that matter. Athletes everywhere should have the decency, and self-control to say no, and put down all the self-injecting needles. Throw out the pipes, and bury all the filth that is known today as drugs. Do not be fooled by anyone that says they are able to free you. They are lying. It makes you a slave to it, just the same with cigarettes and any tobacco product.

  • Athletes should be drug tested

    Yes, I believe that athletes should be drug tested every year. I say this because some athletes have been known to utilize not only recreational drugs, but also performance enhancement drugs. Any drug use is unfair to the league, fans, and other players. Drugs enhance or degrade performance unfairly and should not be tolerated.

  • Yes and more

    Athletes should be tested every year and more than that too. The drug test should be random and frequent. If an athlete is not taking drugs they would not care as they have nothing to hide. Drugs can greatly affect an athletes performance on the job so they should be drug tested a lot.

  • Athletes should be drug tested every year.

    Drugs are dangerous for athletes and authorities should make sure that no one can use them. Drugs should not be used by athletes because it is a form of cheating. In order to prevent athletes from using drugs, they should be tested regularly. This is the only way to preserve the integrity of sports.

  • Athletes Should be Drug Tested Monthly

    Athletes, especially professional ones, should be drug tested randomly on a monthly basis instead of yearly. The propensity to cheat to get ahead is huge in the multi-billion dollar world of professional sports. Even though fans want to see their heroes perform at a higher level, performance enhancing drugs are banned from use. Sports leagues can't have it both ways--they can't embrace the substances for the fans while banning their use on the field. The more drug testing, the better.

  • Yes, athletes should be tested to make things fair.

    Drugs can give an athlete an artificial edge over another athlete. This is an unfair advantage. Athletes should be pitted against each other using their natural strength and abilities, not a drug which can impact them negatively over the long run. Using drugs is a dishonest move that says an athlete does not respect the sport enough to play fair. So they should be tested every year if not more regularly.

  • Yassssssssssssssssssss yusssssss yassssssss

    Yes they should because athletes could die kill others, or cheat. It's not showing their true performance and they are harming others too. Athletes are yes pushed to do good but why cheat? Why not practice? Why go and take drugs and then have the drugs killing you? So yes I think athletes should take the test before they have a big game.! :D

  • Yes they need to!!

    Yes they should! The people's body can get harmed! If they magiclly get the the best of the best, then that is really suspicious. It's unfair to the people who actually worked their butts off to get to where you "worked hard" to get there!!! This also causes for unfair playing feild!

  • I totally agree!!!

    Around the world, thousands of very competitive college athletes take performance enhancers, such as steroids, to win a big game and start their pro career. But what the young athletes don't know is that the drugs are , slowly but surely, killing their body. Along with this risk, college athletes, are insuring that when they get caught, severe punishment will follow. Also, if you manage to become a "pro player", you cheated your way into the big leagues. For all these reasons, I propose that all colleges schedule yearly and/or monthly drug tests, insuring that its an even playing field.

  • Please Be More Specific

    I think this wholly depends on what type of athletes you are referring to. If we are talking about professional athletes who are commonly found to abuse performance enhancing drugs, the by all means, yes they should be tested yearly or more often, if need be. If we are referring to athletes in a school setting, primarily high school, then no.

  • Hmmmmmm i dont know

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nbo no no no noo no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no they shouldnt be drug tested ok im ntelling my maaaa

  • I don’t think that athletes need to be drug tested every year.

    I don’t think that athletes need to be drug tested every
    year. People need to leave these
    athletes alone. Just because they play
    professional sports doesn’t mean that we own them. They are wealthy adults living in a free
    country and they should be free to do whatever they want to do in their free

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