• Yes, athletes should be held to higher standards.

    Athletes should indeed be held to higher standards. As any other person who has found fame in this world, they have a moral obligation to live a clean life and to serve as a role model to others. Their failings teach our kids what not to do, that's for sure.

  • They Should Be

    Athletes should be held to a higher standard. Many of them are spokespersons for not only the organization they play for, but the league they play in. They are also looked up to and viewed as role models for many people that follow sports. They are held to a higher standard whether they want to be or not.

  • Yes they should

    Being a athlete bring lots of spotlight. And sports are really popping which makes kids look and wanna do what the athlete do. By says this i mean is yes they are role models they stand out in the public they have kids wanting to do what they do. And by being and doing wrong stuff they hurt the kids and also make the kids do the same.

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  • They serve as a role model to other athletes and their fans.

    If professional athletes weren't held to a higher standard, think about how other high school athletes or anyone might start acting. Also, they are supposed to represent their team, teammates, school, and hometown. They have to be responsible for their actions, and make sure they stay out of trouble for that reason.

  • Athletes should be held to higher standards.

    There is too much cheating in professional sports these days. Athletes should be held to higher standards. As role models for the young, athletes should set a good example of ethical behavior. Furthermore, athletes are very highly paid. They should do the honorable thing and be responsible rather than cheating to get ahead.

  • They already do!

    When I was an athlete, there was acceptable and unacceptable behavior that I had to exhibit! My peers and family looked up to me. Every action that I would do people would either imitate my behavior, or severely judged me for what I did. I was held to a higher standard because I was a very talented soccer player and track star!

  • Yes, athletes should be held to higher standards.

    Athletes are well known as public people, not private people. This was by their own choice. Children, look up to them as role models, and if their standards are low, the children will also have low standards, and think it is fine. The are also responsible for promoting different products.

  • Yes they should

    Athletes are apart of our society today and they have a really high endorsement with may different brands such as under Armour Nike and Gatorade. They are good models so that we can achieve we our prizes and focus on our talents so that soon we will be successful for the near upcoming future.

  • What happened to equal treatment

    Ladies and gentlemen I will put this simply. If you are going to elevate the standards of a subgroup being from the land of equal opportunity then any other subgroup such as actors must also be elevated just applying this standard to only athletes is not bad but unfair. In short if you wish to do this do NOT only elevate those in sports. Do the same for all who are in the public eye.

  • No they are just kids too

    Athletes are just kids too. They shouldnt have to deal with the extra stress of bieng held to a higher standard. Why should athletes be treated different than kids? What happened to everyone is treated the same? What do they do that they deserve to be treated differently? Its BS

  • What About the People that have already succeeded without being held to that standard

    People should let them go because they are making the world a better place. What if Micheal Jordan didnt have good grades, we wouldn't have gotten to see the greates basketball player that has ever touched the courts. If he didnt have good grades, who cares he is still a good person and he still turned out better than people with good grades.

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