• Yes, but not nearly as much as they are.

    Athletes should be paid, as other entertainers are, but they are paid way too much money. When there are people starving in this country and children who need healthcare, it seems immoral to pay athletes the exorbitant amounts that they get. They do put their life on the line with potential injuries, so they deserve to be paid, but certainly not more than other "workers" who put their lives on the line.

  • Yes, but not as much as they are paid.

    Athletes work hard and should be compensated for their work. A professional or amateur athlete should absolutely receive pay, since training for a sport and performing a sport in front of spectators who have paid to see the sport should result in monetary compensation for the athlete. However, the millions of dollars that athletes receive when teachers and even some doctors are struggling to make ends meet is ridiculous. People should be compensated based on the impact their careers make on the world.

  • Yes, Athletes Should Be Paid!

    Yes, college athletes should definitely be paid. Why? Because everyone else involved in college athletics are getting paid. It's simply not fair for athletes to be the ones earning millions of dollars for their college and only receive a scholarship. In addition, the fact that athletes are not getting paid opens the door for temptations such as bribes, secret pay, etc. Which they wouldn't need if they were being compensated for their skills.

  • Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

    I believe professional athletes should be paid. Their sport is their job when they join national leagues and play as a profession. Prior to joining these teams, people may play in minor leagues, school teams, or local leagues. I do not believe these people should be paid for playing. I think it is especially important not to pay those playing at the college level.

  • Athletes should be paid.

    Athletes should be paid. They not only provide the entertainment that we are watching but they are also getting injured and putting their lives on the line for the crowd. I think they should keep getting paid the same as they always did. We should endorse paying of our athletes.

  • Most Athletes Are Paid

    All professional athletes are paid, but collegiate athletes tend to receive no compensation for their efforts. Without a doubt, college level players should receive some form of compensation. They earn tons of revenue for the schools they play for, yet they tend to receive no form of compensation and no guarantee of being drafted to the professional leagues.

  • Just Not As Much

    Athletes are overpaid as it is--they play a game, people. It's not life or death. Yes, modern sports are a metaphor for war. If we didn't have gladitorial games every Sunday, many "civilized" societies would instead turn to a neighboring country and fight them just to alleviate the human need for bloodlust. Instead, we pay athletes millions of dollars per year to take out our aggressions in a safer way. I suppose the costs of paying athletes is better than killing people. But think of the all the money spent on those athletes that could go towards feeding the hungry or housing the homeless. That expensive $50,000 Super Bowl ticket is worth more than most Americans make in a single year! Where's the justice in that?

  • Being an athlete is a job

    Yes, I believe that athletes should be paid. They are playing a game or performing an act for the entertainment of others, so they should be compensated for doing so. If no one decide to partake in the sports, then this form of entertainment would be no longer available. Furthermore, training for these games take up most of an athlete's time, so how would they be able to support themselves without an income. Granted, I think some are overpaid, but I still think they should be paid.

  • Yes, they should be paid.

    I know it's great to do what you love for a living, but I definitely think that athletes should get paid for what they do. They are away from home too long and their schedules are too grueling to keep down any other kind of meaningful work. They deserve some money. I do however think that they are paid far too much.

  • Yes they should be paid.

    They work really hard (just as hard as the major league players). Most of the players come to college on a scholarship but they are broke. The TV and merchandising companies get paid a lot and they get none of the money. The coaches get paid almost 2 million dollars a year and it is unfair that they aren't even playing.

  • I think that athletes should not get paid

    Because think of all of the people who need money in the world, and here athletes are getting paid millions of dollars ( Wich could have found cures to deceases, or gotten things that poor people need.) even an average job gets paid way less than athletes do. Think about the people out there and I hope that you agree with me!

  • I don't think athletes should be paid more

    I don't think so because its not fair for all the other athletes who are not recognized for what they did over the last couple or more years. If they are going to pay people for what they have done I believe that they should stop being very picky of who they choose because its a lot more people waiting to be recognized for there talent and instead of them getting paid for what they did its all going to athletes so I think everybody should get paid equal amount for what they do.

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