Should athletes get involved in political issues?

Asked by: adam_w60130
  • Your right more attention drawn

    It is in the constitution why can't an american citizen be allowed to exercise there own rights and the catch more attention this way for more awareness to the cause and that is the whole point of the protest right. It is in the bill of rights the right to protest.

  • I say yes

    Athletes are people as well. They have a powerful voice and deserves to use their voice on social issues. Lebron is a good example of properly using his voice to talk about social issues. Athletes are also role models. If they don't care about social issues, then who will care?

  • Athletes are citizens too!

    Athletes are citizens as well, and if a citizen should have an opinion so should any athlete. Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to criticize an athlete's opinion because their opinions would get more attentian. They still can have an impact on the U.S. just like any other citizen in this country.

  • Their Opinions Matter

    Athletes should have the same opinions to things as a non athlete person has. They can help support the issue even more. I don't see what's so bad about athletes advertising or supporting issues in the world. Everyone should have a part in what they think is right or wrong.

  • People should stand up for what they believe in.

    Majority of althetes came from the streets and also had to go threw a struggle to become the person they are now...To see a young men life taken before he even got a chance to explore the world is devastating. Athletes can have a strong influence, especially on young men. For example, Joakim Noah has a community club that helps young people stay off the streets and get involved in something positive.

  • They should but they don't

    They could get the information and stuff we trying do and help us get to justice because the police don't care to be honest they trying to treat us like we still slaves and I know I ain't the only person that see it and With Lebron James help will get us there .

  • Do you really need the money?

    Athletes make insane amounts of money. Last year, Lebron James made $65 million. SIXTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE YEAR. This means that enough people watch him play and support him through merchandise, tv ratings, ticket sales, etc...So the more he can sit out and upset people, people may use that as a chance to also support the cause, such as unfair police murders. This may bring more awareness to the issue by taking someone as influential as Lebron James who would get the public upset enough to do something about it so that he can return to play as soon as the issue is resolved.

  • Take a stand!

    You are a whole role model! Make a positive impact with your influence, please. You are rich and famous, so why not get involved with issues that are "bigger" than sports? Money talks, and people with power will be forced to listen if you use your voice to do good.

  • Stick to their day jobs

    Athletes need to shut their mouths and do their jobs, Versus drawing attention to themselves and becoming distractions to their team. Players are paid to win championships not to run political campaigns or give their oppinions on their political agenda. News flash the quiet teams are the ones winning championships every year. . . 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Too much impact with too much bias.

    Yes, athletes are citizens. However, they are much more than the everyday person. Everything they say/do has an impact on everyone who looks up to them. The issues arise when athletes and other famous people make their opinions heard very clearly in public without having any evidence to support why they think that way. Let's say, hypothetically, Tom Brady had a press conference one day and decided to say, "America's youth would learn better on the sports field than in the classroom. So lets burn down all the schools and books and build football/soccer fields and basketball courts to better prepare the next generation for success" There are people who would believe that and want to make it a reality. Athletes can say what they want, but they don't take the time to think about whether or not what they're saying makes sense.

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