Should athletes have to Maintain above a High B+ to maintain their place on a team?

Asked by: MarlieghPricejr
  • Most athletes been to college

    Athletes go to college to get notice by national associations like the NBA or NFL, sure it's sounds stupid to go to college to get in the NBA, but it's the only way to get notice theses days. The NBA or NFL need people who are smart to know good plays or just make good decisions.

  • No, that's not smart.

    1: Not everybody is smart enough to get As and Bs in every class.
    2: If the people who are not smart enough to get As and Bs try hard enough to get As and Bs, they will be stressed and sleep-deprived and it will not be good for them.
    3: I am not saying that we should abolish the rule that you have to have a passing grade to play, im just saying that it's good where it's at.

  • I am an athlete.

    I am a cyclist, and while it takes up much of my time, I am able to keep by grades up fairly well, at least a B+. However, I do go to a fairly prestigious high school, and would consider myself among the more scholarly class of high-school students in this nation. I will say, it's difficult. The time and dedication, the stress and lack of sleep, all these make it challenging. For some students, athletics is their outlet, it sure is mine, it relieves stress, helps them if they have problems at home, at gives them other opportunities to exceed than in school.

  • As an athlete we should just have to maintain a grade that's above a D+

    Athletes have it hard we have to maintain our energy for games and practice, school and our social life. That's just a lot more stress out into us. Our grades are what got us on the team, well no not technically we got ourselves on the team, and of course the coaches. And well, we should just maintain the grade we had when we got on the team.

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