Should athletes, pop stars, movie stars, etc. be payed less than they are currently?

Asked by: Noctan
  • Paid for what?

    Pop stars especially reality tv stars have no reason to be making millions of dollars,yet they do.Morevover, most celebrities spend their money on drugs and then glamorize them which causes teens who look up to them to try drugs as well.I feel that we should be finding a way to lower celebrities income.

  • All the money pop stars make should be proportional to how skilled they are.

    Professional Athletes and stars should be payed little for each performance or game they play, they should make a percentage of ticket sales and pay-per-view television programs. If someone who runs around and plays for a living, or someone that has to go through the "stress" of acting or singing should NOT be payed more than soldiers who risk their lives, hard working middle class people, or even the president of the United states. It is a sad time we live in for people that care more than others are being stepped on financially just because that aren't as "skilled" as the stars our youth look up to. A good example would be the Kardashians, they aren't skilled at all, but yet they roll around in promotions and tv show earning because their lavish dramatic lifestyle is looked upon with interest with the general public.

  • Pop star popular

    If all kids want to become pop stars just because they think they will make a bunch of money and be rich that is a fake unrealistic dream. You always hear about the handful of people who make millions but what about the hundred that don't make it and can hardly get by.

  • Stop the illusion in a teenager's mind about entertainment industry

    A child growing up looking at this blooming entertainment industry and hope to join that one day. Some succeed and many fall apart and eventually get lost in the crowd. And some who succeed are not because they are that talented to deserve millions of dollars rather they were there fortunately on the right time, and place with the right people. I am not saying it's all about luck and nothing from individual potential but in truth the successors in entertainment business are not 'that' different on their talent from any amateur entertainer. So mostly it becomes 'luck' that gives them accessible amount of money and end up making the growing population of teenagers hoping I make themselves celebrity 'a price of

  • Not just actors or athletes...

    I'm a firm believer in the notion that NO ONE should make over six figures in a year. That would include CEOs & CFOs that make obscene amounts of money in comparison to actors and athletes. Now if you REALLY want to talk about who should make less, it should be politicians. Many politicians have made more money under the table than Pablo Escobar ever did in his whole lifetime.

  • Yes they should be paid less

    Among hundred of film stars only 5% of them do better things for the common people or the poor or the nation and rest of the only roam about in their luxury cars and enjoy their lives by earning money and gaining publicity fame etc. The daily workers who are not able to feed their family properly they should receive a greater amount than the film stars and money should also invested for welfare of the nation instead of paying them.

  • Why do they need it?

    Movie actors, athletes, and pop stars get millions of dollars, and what do they do with it? Most blow it on 20 fancy cars, or drugs and stuff. Very little actually donate it for the good of humanity.

    Also, what do they contribute towards humanity? They just give us a little entertainment, and we pay them millions. Teachers, scientists, and doctors help us our whole life, and it is because of them that we are able to get a job, be educated, and live. But the average yearly salary of these movie stars, athletes, and pop stars is 10 times as much as educators, for nothing.

  • Close the gap

    Entertainers do not perform the high risk job they like to think they do, and they do not deserve the lives of luxury that they lead. There are people who do real work, who don't take long breaks but instead take holidays, and can barely feed their families. Spread the wealth around, it's only right.

  • Yes they should

    I do think that athletes, pop stars, movies stars, etc should be paid much less than what they currently make. However, they should be allowed to make whatever people are willing to pay them. Entertainment is a huge and profitable business. I just think that they should be paid less than they are.

  • Yes, but it won't happen.

    In the climate of supply and demand, those who are smart enough to create a demand for themselves can ask for any price because people will pay it. It can not be regulated, even though it should be. What should happen is that people stop paying excessively for certain performances and games.

  • You're not the one paying them, why does it matter?

    Athletes, pop stars, movie stars (So sports, music, and movie stars), are paid through sponsors, consumers, and companies. So essentially, companies pay for two of the three, and the third one gets money from people who buy their music. I refer to one core value of mine: That everyone has their own life, and it is how they choose to live it. So companies pay obscene amounts of money to athletes and movie stars. Does that really affect you? Moving on from that point, does it even matter, since it's someone else's money spent on some they wish? And in terms of pop stars, if people didn't buy their music (also known as bad music won't be bought), then they would not be paid a lot of money.

    So essentially, my point is that it does not matter at all to individuals, and that the amount of money that athletes, pop stars and movie stars make does not have any sort of "need" to be reduced, because if they were being overpaid, then they would soon be paid less. And if you are the one paying them, why not pay less? There's more that can be talked about (skills required, temperament, etc.), but someone else can do that if they wish.

  • No. I do not believe that athletes, pop stars, movie stars, etc.should be payed less than they currently are.

    No. I do not believe that athletes, pop stars, movie stars, etc.Should be payed less than they currently are, because they deserve the money that their making. There are few people in the world who can do what they can do, and that is why they are in the position they are in.

  • Celebrities Deserve Their Pay

    No, athletes, pop stars, movie stars, and the like should not be paid less than they currently are. Celebrities tend to work for billion dollar industries so it is not out of the question for these individuals to desire pay that is of some substantial fraction of the pay these industries receive.

  • It's impossible to do that because it's law of supply and demand

    It should be noted that high wages of celebrities is a part of so-called law of supply and demand. They are paid high salary because there are very little talented people (supply) in their fields but there are huge demand for such kind of people. Take soccer as an example, the best players are very little, as a result clubs have to pay high salary to retain or attract talented players. Other fields such as movies, sports and music acts similarly.
    Another important point to note is that famous people usually endure the mental and physical suffering or must experience prolonged training before becoming a star. For example, to become a professional football player, one must spend most of their adolescence in sport centers to master necessary skills. Therefore, they merit such high wage and it can be seen as a compensation for their endeavor.

  • No they shouldn't

    When you are an entertainer, you should get paid according to the amount of people you entertain. For example, a musician will get paid in small amounts by a number of people for the music he or she creates. If said musician entertains a larger number of people then the amount of pay they receive is going to be higher down the line. As far as athletes go, the sports industry itself is generating more than enough funds a year to pay their players as much as they are. If professional athletes get paid less, then the money is just going to go into another person's pocket who will most likely be criticized by someone saying they make too much. It is a huge industry generating huge amounts of revenue per year. It's actually more fair that the players get paid as much as they do considering. The same can be said for movie stars.

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