• They have enough money already.

    Athletes already have so much money, And it is just for playing sports. Even if they cannot write a one sentence paragraph, Or even do 1+1, They could get so much money. It is not fair for the other people, Like the very smart people in the world who don't have enough money just because they can't find the right job. But it isn't fair either that some teams get this amount of money and another team gets more than them. They are all basically the same at skill; it is just if they are popular or not. I think they should all get the same amount of money if they do get money, But honestly, I think they should not get any money at all.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, i think that it would be good for the athletes that are in a professional sport today to not get as much money as they are right now. I think that it would make them more for playing the sport and less for just trying to get more money.

  • Yes, athletes should receive less money

    Yes, there is really no benefit to providing very motivated, athletic 18 year-olds with millions of dollars. If they are good enough to be signed by a national team, they are determined enough to do it for less, and the history of the NFL and other sports organizations shows that retired athletes frequently lose all of their money. A pension and a modest wage would be much more useful to everyone.

  • Small work, big pay

    Athletes are highly overpaid for what they do, which certainly takes a lot of training and discipline, but the amount of money that the best of them make is absolutely absurd when you consider the amount of profit that professional sports make and how little of it is trickled down to everyone actually working in these stadiums.

  • Athletes are paid well

    Athletes are paid by what the market determines. There businesses should determine what they are paid. If people want them to earn less money then people will have to start paying less attention to them and not watch them on television. The athletes are employers just like anyone else so they deserve what they get.

  • No, athletes are often under compensated.

    While baseball, football, and soccer stars are often fairly compensated, many professional athletes are not paid exorbitantly, particularly compared to franchise owners. Television contracts are worth more than ever, and these athletes generate huge amounts of revenue and deserve to be compensated. Athletes in minor sports often do not receive large sums of money. Minor leagues and less popular sports often feature underpaid athletes.

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