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  • It will make sports more interesting

    You don't want to go to baseball games and other sports competitions and watch many with big muscles from steroids or drunk and skinny with bags under their eyes or players and others collapsing on the field or people hitting home runs every time or dying young because of overdoses

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  • For Professional Athletes

    I believe professional athletes and college athletes should both be tested for drugs. These athletes are being compensated for their abilities (albeit it in different ways, but they are compensated) and they should have to play on a level playing field and they should also savor the opportunity by taking the best care of their bodies that they possibly can.

  • Pro, College, High School

    Professional, collegiate and high school athletes should all take drug tests to ensure an even playing field. Tests should be at random times with random players or with everyone involved at regular intervals. Drug tests also serve to spot troubled kids in high school if they are drinking or smoking.

  • Yes, of course they should

    Do I think they will always be ways around these tests? Yes, I do,but they need to keep it safe. The level of the cheating has to be on par, with the tests they are given. The people will always cheat,but they need to know that and keep the athletes healthy and guessing by putting out good tests.

  • To prevent cheating, they should

    I don't love the idea of drug testing all athletes, but it's one way to hopefully identify which ones are using drugs. I am assuming the question refers to performance enhancing drugs, which in all types of sport would be cheating. Drug testing athletes would stop some of the cheating and hopefully help those who are taking drugs, since the performance enhancers can have some nasty side effects.

  • Athletes should take drug tests.

    The sanctity and importance of sport is at risk when athletes take performance enhancing drugs. How can we trust that there is a level playing field or even enjoy the feats accomplished by athletes we thought represented the best of our human race, when we have to put in doubt the means that they have achieved these feats?

  • Athletes should take drug tests

    Yes they should take drug tests because if they ever get to a higher level they mite or will get tested their career mite be over and they will think that being in sports is a waste of time. Kids and other athletes could influence the other athletes and they mite start to do drugs. The athletes could injure them selves and when or if they go to the hospital they will fined out what they have in their system

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