Should athletes that use performance-enhancing drugs keep their records?

  • PED-Affected Records Should Remain

    Athletes that use performance-enhancing drugs should keep their records. They don't deserve said records, but sports shouldn't pretend that these things never occurred. Eliminating records further damages the game, and such a move is often unnecessary. Technically, these events happened whether or not they were influenced by some form of cheating.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not believe that athletes that use performance-enhancing drugs should keep their records. There is no way to tell if they would have that record if they didn't use the drugs, therefore they should be removed. Also, it would be a warning message to current athletes who are thinking of using drugs.

  • Records Should Be Revoked

    Performance-enhancing drugs are not allowed in professional sports, therefore if an athlete is found to be using such drugs, I do not believe they should keep their records. I believe they should be revoked. I believe it is important to do this because it also means that the athlete essentially cheated and that should not be allowed in sports.

  • No, they should lose their records.

    Athletes that cheat do not deserve their records. They should be stripped of all the statistical achievements that they have made. This exclusion should also be added to all athletes that commit a felony during their lifetime as well. We should not hold people up as role models who are felons and cheats.

  • They should not.

    Athletes that use performance enhancing drugs should not keep their records. If they have actually been caught, and not just suspected of using performance enhancing drugs, they are cheating and should not be rewarded. They detract from the spirit of the game and have an unfair advantage against those who are not cheating.

  • Not a chance

    If you cheated, you do not deserve to be in the record books with those who didn't. Make a roid-head record book if you want, but definitely no fair to put Bonds, Clemens, etc. in the same class as Hank Aaron or Cy Young. Alex Rodriguez should be right there with Bonds and Clemens too... BUM CHEATERS

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