Should athletes who use banned substances be allowed into the hall of fame?

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  • Taking steroids isn't cheating

    1st contention. Taking steroids is not cheating, it’s just taking the game to the next level. Baseball was going downhill until the home run battles made baseball great once again. If others are doing pretty bad and want themselves great again they can take steroids themselves. Hall of fame can't be hall of junk.

  • It is a yes, but it is a conditional yes.

    Totally dependent on how frequent and numerous their violations are, as well as when they occurred during their career. Lets say you fail 2-5 PED tests when you are young in your career, and then you go on to get clean and have an incredible career. You definitely shouldn't be held out of the Hall of Fame for something you did early or late into your career if the rest of the time you have been completely stellar.

    Using banned substances should not completely derail your career. Give credit where credit is due. Should PED violations be weighed into the mix? Yes. Should there be a death penalty for them? No.

  • I Say No

    Athletes that have used banned substances should not be allowed in the hall of fame, because it is a bad influence on young athletes. While many young athletes look up to the people in the hall of fame, they are going to think doing banned substances is a good thing and will make them reach the top. However, anyone who uses those substances should not be in the hall of fame because they are representing a bad reputation for them and the hall of fame itself. The hall of fame shows good valuable hardworking athletes, not ones who use banned substances. Therefore, athletes who use or used banned substances should not be allowed in the hall of fame.

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