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  • No There are millions of people out there who deserve that money.

    If you were to look at Aaron Rodgers paycheck from last season he pulled in 3.5 Million Dollars for throwing a ball around. People like Paramedics, Police, etc. Should pull in that much. The athletes are there for our entertainment. The Police, paramedics, fireman, are there for our safety. Athletes do nothing for the society.

  • Athletics Should Be Payed Based On Income

    There are some divisions of athletics, such as the NFL, that pulls in extreme amounts of money that leads to those players make large sums of money. When the income garnered from a sport is excessive, then the pay to those playing in those games, should also be high. If an athletic division makes less, like the WNBA, then the players should be paid less.

  • No althleats should not be played so much

    Why should some one who does nothing to help the society get payed the most. Athletes do nothing to help society or the greater good of the world be payed thousands of dollars just because they can kick a ball in to a net. It is ridiculous and absolutely useless

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