Should attacks on goths, punks and other 'subcultures' be considered hate crimes?

  • Yes I do strongly believe that it should be classified as a hate crime

    Yes because they are attacking a group of people they don't even know just because they dare to stick out and dare to be different. Some people never grow up. Answer me this: What if your child comes to you one day and says they might be goth or emo, etc, etc. Are you just going to start making fun of them or try to stop them? If you still have a problem with them in your adult years you really need to grow up.

  • Has to be

    As much as I (and most people) find these groups to be total eye rollers, if you're physically assaulting somebody because of what they are, isn't that the definition of a hate crime? These groups really need to find something better to do with their lives, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable to attack them.

  • Yes, attacks on subcultures should be considered hate crimes.

    If you attack someone because they act different, or dress different, it is a hate crime. People have the right to dress as they please, as long as they are dressed, period. Coloring your hair black, wearing black makeup and black clothes does not make you a bad person. If you want to hate, hate in private. Don't make comments or threats.

  • Any time you attack anyone because of their culture, even subcultures, it should be a hate crime.

    Anytime you attack someone based on a discrimination it should be a hate crime. This way an assault is not just an assault but it is an assault with a message. When people are allowed to attack a person for being a part of a group then that puts the entire group at risk and terns a random act of violence into a motivated attack of purpose. Hate crime laws help to ensure that targeting of groups of people will not be allowed or tolerated and it will help to prevent groups of people from singling out other groups of people for discrimination and violence.

  • Yes it should.

    If you attack someone because they have a different religion, it is a hate crime. But you can choose your religion. You can be baptized and decide latter not to follow the Christian religion. And you can find another one that you think it's better for you and choose to adopt it. Isn't it a choice that you made? As my anthropology teacher says "you change your affiliation for religion easier than your affiliation for a football team". It's a choice. And If people choose to adopt a alternative culture (as myself) should be left alone and no one should attack them. Would you like if this sort of thing happened to you?

  • Not at all.

    There are too many things to consider when people interact. Giving them special protection just for being part of a group is discrimination (racism, for the ones who did not understand the meaning of the word).
    I'm not saying assault should be allowed, but trying to make it appear worse because of the background of someone is not the right thing to do.
    Let's say, because it is perfectly possible, that a member of a protected subculture is in a sidewalk, trying to pick fights with people. Someone will eventually answer aggressively, and the subculture member will get hurt. Should this random person be accused of hate crime?
    What if, let's say, two people equally guilty fight for something unrelated to one of them being part of a subculture? Is it still a hate crime?
    Giving a group special rights can only lead to the rule being abused and misinterpreted. Nothing good will come from it.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • So if people attack Neo-Nazis, it would be considered a hate crime too?

    I mean, Neo-Nazism is a subculture, and has a pretty large following. It has symbolism, religion, bands, fashion, movements, etc. So would attacks on Neo-Nazis also be a hate crime? Some people show so much sympathy for stuck up misfits and degenerates it's hilarious. We shouldn't count attacking people of subcultures as a "hate crime", it would be a pathetic excuse to use that label to defend yourselves against criticism.

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