• Why Suicide is a Bad Idea

    Suicide is for wimps. Evidence shows that everyone who committed suicide did it because they were going through something that made them suffer so badly that they thought they had no other choice. The truth is that they were too busy drowning in their pessimism to take the time to think about anything but what was pushing them over the edge. There is always a good reason for not killing yourself. Be it the positive impact you can have on the people around you or family members who love you, it is unrealistic to try and kill yourself. Secondly, God has a plan for your life, and there is really no way to know if you have fully completed that plan.

    " 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' " -Jeremiah 29:11

    There is actually very little physical or psychological stress a person absolutely cannot get rid of, and suicide is never the only way to do it. A good way to be happy is to come to church hungry to know God better. A happy heart is guaranteed that way The first thing to do if you are sad is to go to God. Then go to your family, then your friends, and to a Christian psychologist.

  • My homework says so

    Suicide should be a crime because its part of my homework assignment. Also it can affect lots of people lifes, Not the one who killed them selves, But loved ones around them. . . I ve seen cases where if someone dies, Looved ones die of sadness which is so very bad.

  • Suicide is murder

    Suicide is basically murder, just that you are killing yourself. We don't nor should we allow people to consent to being murdered so we shouldn't allow people to commit suicide either.

    The only exceptions should be in cases of terminal illness or irreversible dementia. If you are going to die anyways or if you are not going to be able to be yourself anymore then there really is no point in going on living. I suppose we could also allow euthanasia for irreversible quadriplegia or paraplegia but I think there should have to be a waiting period and at least some documented effort on behalf of the patient to find a reason to keep living in spite of their disability.

    People say it is a victimless crime but it is not. It hurts your friends and family, and it removes your productive resources from the economy. But the biggest victim is yourself in the future. With the few exceptions I listed above there's a chance of things improving in the future, or even for something meaningful to come out of it even if it does turn out to be mostly misery.

    Suicide is a crime against your future self, and that is why attempting it should be prosecuted. However, mental illness often contributes to suicide so in many cases the person should be found not guilty by reason of insanity and at their discretion prosecutors should be allowed to offer up that as a plea bargain so the accused can avoid going through a trial and get started on treatment.

  • No. Being born wasn't a choice

    First of all, Most people who kill themselves are suffering from a mental illness that affects their mood. So saying "suicide is for wimps" is ignorant. Also, Let's see how easy it is when your time comes to die. Death is scary. What if I called you a wimp for dying?

    The biggest reason suicide shouldn't be a crime is because we don't get to be here by choice. So, Suicide shouldn't be a crime. That literally makes no sense.

  • If someone attempts suicide then they need help, not punishment.

    I don't think that killing yourself is the right way to solve your problems but I don't think it should be criminalized either. People who commit suicide usually do it because something is going on in their life thats causing them to feel depressed and putting them in jail only makes worsens the depression. Instead of putting people in jail for attempting to kill themselves why not put them in therapy so they'll have someone to talk to about their problems because they could be going through things such as bullying or abuse because those are the most common reasons why people kill themselves.

  • It's self punishing

    Death is the highest penalty possible and if one want to kill and if he successfully kill himself then he died himself and usually legal penalty is no more than what he have done to his victim so it's self punishment no need to double the punishment so this is not a crime

  • What? It's a basic human right.

    Give it 100 years or so and you will find people's attitudes change towards suicide and euthanasia. This will be influenced by deteriorating environmental and climate conditions, epidemics, conflicts etc. I am not sure where you are coming from with this proposal but it sounds like you want a biblical type law since you quote the bible.

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