• Fastly. And. Furiously.

    Eric Holder is a disgrace to the office of the Attorney General. His failures, bad decisions, incompetence and categorical lack of prudence only amplify the glaring weakness in Obama's administration. Let us now explore some of Holder's shortcomings, bad decisions and generally idiotic actions: his anti-CIA witch hunt (where he tried to prosecute CIA operatives who interrogated terror suspects on foreign soil without even a scintilla of evidence), his monstrously idiotic suggestion that enemy combatants merited constitutional protection, his taking Rand Paul's political bait and suggesting the permissibility of using drones to kill American citizens, the epic catastrophe that was Fast and Furious, his failure to prosecute Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia, his approving a search warrant for Fox News in response to James Rosen's news reporting, his failure to produce meaningful results in investigations due to incompetence -although I think this is willful- in dealing with the IRS scandal, his pushing for a civilian trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammad, and the list goes on...

    Posted by: YYW
  • I do not believe he is at fault

    Ever since he took over the job there has been a witch hunt in part of the republican party towards Holden from fast and furious to the present however i believe he is doing a great job and I do believe He will finish out his term in a positive way

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