Should attorneys be penalized for frivolous lawsuits?

  • They are sharks.

    Yes, attorneys should be penalized for frivolous lawsuits, because they prey upon weak people. Attorneys bring bad lawsuits all the time, and then they just encourage the people to settle by threatening that if they go to trial they will have to pay s much more, along with attorneys fees.

  • Attorneys should not be penalized for frivolous lawsuits.

    What makes a lawsuit frivolous? Frivolous is a very subjective term and depending on the victim or the perpetrator it's difficult to decide what qualifies as serious or important enough to sue for due process. I always think it's important to bring it back to you personally. If my rights or the rights of my family have been abused I wouldn't think bringing a lawsuit would be frivolous. You never know when you might need an attorney and you don't want them being fearful that your case is frivolous.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe attorneys should be penalized for frivolous lawsuits. I believe courts and consumers of the system should be able to provide reviews of services received and tactics used and all of that information should be posted on-line. People would have to maintain a level of service if people share information about frivolous suits, which would make people less likely to select the attorney in the future.

  • No they should not

    Attorneys should not be penalized for frivolous lawsuits when it comes to lawsuits in the United States of America. Who is the one that will decide what exactly is the definiation of the frivolous lawsuit when it comes down to it. Is this just a way to make more money off of people?

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