Should Aussie tourists boycott the U.S. over the murder of a Melbourne baseball player in OK?

  • Everyone should boycott America over their gun laws.

    We should all do the U.S. a big favour and boycott them over their ridiculous gun laws, the incredible murder rate and the shooting of blacks by police. They have to wake up and get control of guns, close down weapons manufacturers and stop being so violent, it is out of control.

  • What's the actual topic?

    Is it being that argued that Australians should boycott the US because of their gun laws, under the assumption that these two things are related?

    Because, frankly, there's no real reason to boycott the US strictly over the boy's murder. It wasn't a government sanctioned action, and the government is prosecuting the perpetrators to the full extent of the law. To my understanding, prosecutors are seeking first-degree murder, the only real question is how they should be treated(given that they are minors, and given that they confessed and provided a motive). Not buying some sneakers or a car from the US isn't really going to bring any sort of justice for the victim, it's probably just going to cut into the profit margin of some business that aren't even remotely tied to the issue. Unless, perhaps, the intent is to boycott gun companies in America... Which is essentially the norm for the average Australian anyways, given the country's laws(they aren't exactly a large share of the firearms market).

    That's all besides the point really, because I honestly don't see a Australian boycott having any effect on any possible reasonable change they want to see in the US. Surely there are more effective means to get what those boycotting may want(which isn't really made clear from the question itself).

  • That is ludicrous

    I don't see how this ONE incident should keep people from going to the US. This isn't a reflection on the whole country just a few people within the country. People get killed in other countries all the time for whatever reason doesn't mean we should never travel. We shouldn't let ONE incident stop us from traveling as we please.

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