Should Australia abolish all of its states and territories?

  • Over Governed, Under managed

    The Australian nation has too many politicians for population of 23 Million. The states and territories are completely artificial by way of boundaries and have no relation to geographical or topographical realities.
    Two political processes would suffice: National and local with new ways of managing and funding the needs of this potentially great nation.

  • Australia is a large nation and needs states in order to make government more manageable.

    Australia is a very large nation but has only a fraction of the amount of states as the United States. It also has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. The division of large nations into states makes it much easier to administer government. As long as Australia continues to grow, it should maintain its states and territories.

  • Friendly Competitive Sport

    Social activities and events such as competitive sports will be affected, thus lowering the standards that Australians currently achieve. The states and territories have a friendly rivalry that they enjoy, this evident in times like State of Origin and Australian Netball Competition and other sporting events. This friendly competition within Australia, offers competitors the opportunity to compete at higher standards and encourages them to strive for better and influences them to go outside and be active. This friendly rivalry helps all Australians to come together and support each other.

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