Should Australia allow the U.S. to station more military forces in their territory?

Asked by: paul_g
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  • Why the hell would they do that?

    The United States is already so imperialistic in their military forces, they don't need more power and territory. Could you imagine how crazy republicans would get if other countries started sticking military bases in the states. Who do you think pays for America's massive unnecessary military? People who pay taxes, like me. Now don't get me wrong, i'm fine with paying for taxes but not just to fuel my governments crazed bloody power lust.

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ItsJeffreyTime says2014-01-20T06:41:48.223
I don't think the author really understands what the US is doing in Australia...
The US sends troops to Australia not to set up bases but to conduct military exercises with it's ally, Australia...
PhDMan says2014-01-20T20:47:38.727
I agree ItsJeffreyTime the question is odd and using the word "Station" is erroneous. A better question would be "Should Australia conduct more military exercises with the USA than they do currently?"
paul_g says2014-01-21T06:48:50.987
Sorry @ItsJeffreyTime and @PhDMan but I actually do. You must not have heard the news that with in a few years around 2500 U.S Marines, AIrforce and support staff will be stationed on rotation in the Northern Territory by 2016. Currently they are here on short term exercises but they will soon be stationed up with Australian Defense Force units as part of the US initiative in the Pacific.

I you may not have heard this if you don't live here in Australia but it created quite a bit of news down here and I was interested to hear other peoples opinions as I am not completely sure if I am for or against this just yet but I find it interesting.