• Australia should become a republic

    Australia is currently ruled by Great Britain. Australia should take a stand and knock Great Britain off its shoulders and rein free as a republic.

    Australia currently is funding many countries (poor countries) and the government is losing a lot of money from it. If Australia becomes a republic, then we wouldn't have to fund other countries using money that couod be put into schools and public areas such as parks.

    Additionally, a long time ago most of the world was against Hitler and one of those countries needed the help of our troops and at the end, the army came back from the war without millions of people because they died on the battle ground. If Australia becomes a republic then Australia wouldn't of have to sacrifice those people for the other country.

    Australia should be a republic. They won't have to lose troops and also won't have to lose money

  • Who wants to be rules by an old lady?!

    The queen has great Britain's interest at heart not Australia's. Nowadays Australians enjoy the gossip and excitement a royal wedding has or the arrival of a royal baby. They want to feel part of the fairy tale but HAHA SUCKERS! Also the royal family don't need to work their butt of like we have to. They earn money from our taxes we pay. They spend it like water on baby SHOES!. PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES!

  • Because we can

    Life is awesome live it to the max and i reckon that we should just be an awesome country have a president and it would be great aswell as have our flag changed to green (the real aussie colours) and we have alllies the americans who are great allies anyways.

  • Australia has been on their own for too long!

    Australia supports a ton of other countries and Britain "supports" Australia even though the queen cant even support her countries properly. Britain's control of Australia should end because the government is horrible at making decisions and the people of Australia would be able to make much better decisions than Britain.

  • It's just a matter of time, equity and common sense.

    An Australian who has earned the right through proper process should be our Head of State. This would be far preferable than the Australian population swearing allegience to the geographically and culturally removed British Monarchy. To have as our Head of State, the Queen of England quite wrongly indicates that Austraia is not a strong, independent and fully functioning social, economic and legal entity.

  • Let us be free, let us bee independent, let us be Australia!

    For years Australia has been cast under the darkening realms of the British rule. I myself a twelve year old boy believe in a change that must happen only imaging the other plenty men and women pleading for a change, for a glimpse of freedom. Australia's wealth is not supported by England's support. Australia in fact is one of the most richest countries in the world today and England is no where in the reason for it's wealth. Australia's economy is splendid and if anything British rule will on worsen this. The famous Union Jack has been engraved upon many country's flags including Australia. Australia must change this and beam with pride as we present our new and improved flag to the world. Britain has done nothing for us and also does not deserve to own a country and not help it prosper. In fact all England has done is pave the roads over the tombs and the bodies of innocent aboriginals. A great man once said "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." and this great man is none other than the great Australia. So Australia must start by unlatching our chains!

  • Thoughts from an Australian

    I think Australia needs to have better ties with the USA, Canada and Asia. It seems as though now a days the Commonwealth particularly the UK couldn't care less for Australia, not to mention the UK's choice to abandon the Commonwealth for the EU. Now I'm not trying to say that the UK is bad or anything but imagine the possible positive outcomes that Australia could gain through becoming a Republic. Also I believe if Australia became a republic, it would have better chances at gaining better relationships with world leading countries e.g. China, USA. Also being a Republic, Australia could not only make its own decisions but perhaps gain some actual "Australian" culture.

  • Yes it should

    The case for a republic is clear - ambition, responsibility and democracy, or an unaccountable political system at the heart of which is an institution based on inheritance and exclusive privilege.What does a republic have? It has a head of state elected by the people and Australia would have a president, but the prime minister would still run the political affairs. The monarchy does none of these things. It relies and dependence on others.

  • Australia should be a republic

    Australia should become a republic because our country should be free of the british empire and Australia should make there flag something to do with the aboriginals because it is rightfully there land and we should have a republic and should not be controlled by the british and there weak sport they call soccer.

  • Lets Have an Independent Australia

    Australia has been under the Queens rule for over a century, however she is only ventures into our country for celebrations. Not for political standings. The Queen is no longer our ruler, as where a Prime Minister is. We have a Governor General, which is the Queen's adviser in our country. We should be able to release ourselves from their holds and become a completely independent country. No longer under the rule of a Queen, but under the rule of a President.

  • NO!

    Australia, and in my opinion, all other countries, should stay democratic. The people in Australia are fine with the way the governmental system is at this point. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes and great living amount residents. If all is well, and most of the people are happy, then there is no need for Australia to become a republic.

  • Treason and sedition:

    Somebody asserted that Australia couldn't legally become a Republic and I have to agree.

    Nevertheless, the Australian Republican Movement is like an infectious disease; and the ill-informed followers through 'blind ignorance': -
    (1) changed the National Anthem;
    (2) made attempts to change the National Anthem once again;
    (3) wanted to change the Australian Flag; and
    (4) want to change the Queen's birthday holiday;
    (5) etc.;
    and now they: -
    (6) want to remove the image of the Queen from the back of Australian coins;
    and they all should be made aware that whilst Australia is a part of the Commonwealth their actions represent treason and sedition.

    Incidentally and for the same reason, even the push to make Australia a Republic also involves treason and sedition; and this is compounded by the fact that Australia cannot legally become a Republic anyway.

  • Don't fix it if it isn't broke

    -There is nothing wrong with the current system, our country is safe and free of war
    -Changing to a republic would be betraying our history and British culture and just because we are apparently a "multicultural nation" doesn't mean we let go of our ties to England. Our British heritage is important to our identity and changing this will impact how we see ourselves as a nation
    -Changing our flag, anthem, money and legal system would cost a lot of money that could be used for much more important things
    -What would being "Australian" mean?
    -So many things could go wrong if we were to change to a republic
    -The only people that want australia to become a republic are those who do not identify with the british, people who have migrated here or boat people
    -I think it is absolutely disgusting that people who have migrated here for safety and political stability are the ones who want to change our civil and fair system
    -Absolute chaos if we changed now, Muslims taking over, war, many citizens (such as myself and my family) would probably move to London if Australia was to become a republic
    -I don't know why anyone would want Australia to ever become a republic, to me it is the stupidest most devastating thing that could happen to this country!

  • Presidents are expensive

    Australians only pay for the queen when she is in Australia. Great Britain pays for her trips abroad; even her travel to Australia when she visits, whereas Australians would be paying for a president all of the time. A constitutional monarchy works very well, look at Sweden or Holland for an example. Some would say that someone who is 'elected' would have more support of the people, but look at recent events in Germany where the president was recently sacked for corruption. Would Australians want another corrupt politician yielding even more pointless power?

  • An australian republic is illegal

    I am a self-confessed Monarchist. However, regardless of my personal views Australia can't legally become a Republic anyway and it makes me wonder whether any of those supporting the push to make Australia a Republic have taken the time to review and try to understand the provisions of the current Constitution anyway. Because the current Constitution not only makes it clear that such a move would be illegal, but that as such the Monarch would have a mandatory obligation to annul such a move under the provisions of Section 59 of the Constitution; and I had my related petition tabled in the Australian Senate in 2012, viz:

  • Republics are boring!

    Most of Australia loves the queen. About 12 months ago the queen visited Australia as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour. During the time she was in Australia over 65 percent of Australians watched part of her tour on TV.

    If Australia were to become a republic they would not be able to participate in the commonwealth games. In 2010 Australia topped the medal tally, which means that the athletes become more confident and we win more sporting events. Also when Australia holds the commonwealth games that attracts more tourists to Australia. More tourists means more money for Australia which means we can start growing as a country.

    Another plus for Australia keeping the queen as our head of state is the queens birthday long weekend. The last long weekend was perfectly timed as it was just after exam week. Even if it was just after a normal week I know I would defiantly take the opportunity to have a bit of a longer rest and you would all probably agree.

    Most of Australia love the queen. About 12 months ago the queen visited Australia as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour. During the time she was in Australia over 65 percent of Australians watched part of her tour on TV.

    Lastly what difference would us becoming a republic make. Apart from NOT being able to compete in the commonwealth games, NOT getting a long weekend, and NOT being able to get excited about her visiting us. So ask yourself why do we need to become a republic.

  • No its working

    The people are not calling for it so why make them. Australia is a developed free country with substantial protections to the rights of its people. Unless the people rise up in what can be a nonviolent revolution there is no need to change the form of government they live under.

  • If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

    I do not believe that Australia should become a republic. The country is doing just fine at the moment so I do not see a reason why a change is needed. They should stay the course they. Changes could lead to harsh consequences that could be difficult to recover from.

  • We do not need to be a republic

    Australia is perfect as it is. Switching to a republic would man we have to change our coins, Notes, Flag and anthem. This will take a load of time and effort. To change the coins and notes, We will need factories and they produce which worsen global warming. Being a republic will effect a lot of things

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markuswashere says2013-06-21T13:43:54.750
Australia has been fully self-governing since 1901 and COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT since 1931 or 1942. A constitutional republic would not make Australia any more or less dependent on anything.