Should Australia change the date of Australia Day?

  • We can't make memes if the date isn't changed

    We need more dank memes before the eu thanos snaps them out of existence, We need some australia day changing memes, Its also better off as remembrance or invasion day which would keep the day and we instead chose the day Britain allowed it to become independent, Not the day it came into effect since that's jan 1st, Regardless dank memes will triumph, LONG LIVE DANK MEMES

  • Every day should be Australia day.

    If you live in Australia, Then today is Australia day! Every day in Australia is Australia day! It's just like how my American neighbors celebrate American day every day by shooting off fireworks and making out with their cousins. Australians, Step up with pride! Make every day Australia day. Heck, Make every day on this planet Australia day. Conquer the world if you have to. It's okay. People have tried it and failed. Maybe you'll be the first. Good luck xoxo

  • Think about the Kangaroos

    The reason why we see this rapid decline in the kangaroo population is really clear in this day and age, It's because of the day Australia day is on makes them depressed. So why would we not change it? Why would we not save the kangaroos? Don't you care about them at all?

  • We need to honour our history

    This date was titled ‘Australia Day’ for a reason. This date was the start of a new colonisation which had continued to build up and which has lead us to this day. Australia is one of the leading countries in the world and has become its own nation. This is history and we shouldn’t be interfering with the past and instead celebrate what has become of this country.

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