• Yes we should

    We should caught all ties with china because australia is one of our friends and if they stay with china they are forcedto make a decision between us and china. We helped australia we they needed it. They need to stick with us because they would be safe with us.

  • We don't need China

    China is one of our biggest trading partners, we get a lot of money trading with them, true. We rely on them to buy our resources and sell us cheap goods.
    China is not the only country that can provide these things for us though. This will sound callous and heartless but their poor working conditions and next to slave labour conditions that provide us our cheap goods are by no means unique. These same conditions can be found in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines.
    The role of China in our economy is replaceable.
    If we invest in these smaller Asian developing nations we can gradually lessen our reliance on Chinese goods with either a tiny rise in price or no rise. In addition to decreasing our dependence our investments in developing nations will strengthen them and make us more friends in the South-east Asia region while China is busy alienating them.
    They are also less likely to interfere with Australian affairs affairs as China is currently doing by demanding we allow their Chinese workers to construct Chinese funded projects on our soil taking jobs from our construction industry.

  • Australia should cut all ties with China.

    China is a dangerous Communist country that had ambitions of taking over large parts of Asia. Already, China is trying to annex parts of Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Australia should take a strong stand and cut all ties with the Beijing government. In this way, we can limit China's influence.

  • No, they are neighbors.

    No, Australia should not cut all ties with China, because they are neighbors, and cutting ties would cause instability in the region. Australia can benefit from trading with China, because China has such a large economy. Strategically, it is helpful economically and militarily if China and Australia can find a way to be friendly.

  • An isolation with world second largest economy and world largest population is iditioic

    This notion or feeling of looking down on China for it's progress in liberty or human rights is arrogant. China isn't doing anything different than any other major industrialized countries. So unless Australia had cut off it's ties with USA or JAPAN during their dark times. Then nor should Australia treat China different.

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