• Reversing mandatory detention

    The policy was implemented in the 90's and , no, I dont believe they should reverse it. It , to be an necessary step of to investigate a person's credability just to enter their nation. Since the world's political climate has changed so drastically since it has been used, the world may want to use Australia's policy to keep their own nations safe

  • It is unnecessary given modern surveillance technology

    If Australia is concerned about the intentions of asylum-seekers then the government could just use surveillance of asylum-seekers. They could give asylum-seekers electronic bugs to carry with them everyone they go.

    In the meantime asylum-seekers could get jobs and start establishing their lives, which would be better for the economy.

  • Mandatory detention is wrong

    Mandatory detention is a process that is both inhuman and a drain on resources. The mandatory detention system keeps asylum seekers, who are seeking refuge from horrors such as war and famine in terrible conditions with almost no medical health for up to 8 years (University of Western Sydney), which leads to lifelong mental and physical scars. Furthermore, the system has cost taxpayers around 2.4b Australian dollars since 2000 (http://www.Crikey.Com.Au/2011/08/17/detention-centre-cost-of-asylum-seekers/) and will continue to drain the Australians already stretched budget.

  • Australia should not end mandatory detention.

    No, Australia should not end mandatory detention because there is a purpose for people being put in jail-- safety. The truth is people are more safe if felons are put in jail and not let to roam free. I was the victim of a felony and I don't want the people who did it getting out of jail.

  • Don't end mandatory detention

    I think that while the current plan does need to change abolishing mandatory detention is not the way to go. I think that the screening process is an important stage for everyones safety but that we need to put more money and resources into improving the quality of life within the detention centres. So instead of getting rid of them all together just make the facilities less like a jail and more like a home.

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