• Australia Should Continue to Invest Money in Sports

    Investment into sports strengthens international relations and has many social and economic benefits for the country and its population. Corporate sports are booming and again boosts our country economically. There are many schools that are sports focused and still provide an education to those who specialise in these areas. Our education system is already extensive and increasing sport can benefit anyone from small children to the elite athletes.

  • Australia Should Invest Money in Sports

    Yes, from an economic standpoint, Australia should invest money in sports. Sports provide an excellent source of tax money and revenue, and within just a view years, tend to pay for themselves for the governmental body that invests in them. Thus, Australia would be a bit foolish to ignore investing in sports.

  • No they shouldn't

    They already invest way to much in sport compared to education. Many schools focus more on sports then education and if your looking at the health argument. Its free to go for a walk or run. Australia needs to get priorities right, education is 100% more important and needs to be focused on.

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