Should Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa and PNG unite to form a stronger country?

Asked by: DannyAU
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  • A new world down below

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  • We are a global world so why shouldn't they form a Union for the benefit of their peoples.

    Australia, New Zealand, and PNG should join to form an Oceanic Union. While culturally they are diverse they all share common goals on the global stage. While defense is not a primary reason for joining together in this day and age, financial and resource driven unity can provide a stable economical future for the region and ensure that the people of that region have a stronger voice on the world stage.

  • United they stand.

    I am not well knowledged in the aspects of these countries, or what is going on with them right now, but I believe if it would benefit everyone involved, including the citizens, it would be something they should consider. As long as they can do it peacefully and everyone can get along.

  • A new Oceania/Australasia

    These three countries share so much in common. In many ways Australian and New Zealand citizens are already one and the same under the law. Let's get Christchurch rebuilt. Let's help alleviate poverty in PNG. Let's have real solidarity. Let's reduce borders. Let's show the world how it can be done!

  • Australia too stronk

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  • Whats the point?

    New Zealand is developing onto the world stage, and we dont need to join up with damn aussies and other pacific islands. We already have a solid relationship with the othe pacific neighbours, and we should work on developing those relationships instead of creating a giant country. The country idea would also be hard to maintain as majority of the space would be covered by the vast pacific ocean. There is no need to change in New Zealand, and i’m sure the other countries agree on the majority.

  • Bring back what Federation members to the table

    Fiji, PNG and New Zealand were some colonies part of the federation talks in forming Australia, it would be better beneficial if they join the Australian Federation and become states within the Australian Commonwealth like they were going to do. Creating a union will lead to the same problems like the EU has

    Posted by: k443
  • Australia is perfect.

    It's already an amazing country, no changes are needed because it is fully functioning and it has no major problems that need to be solved. If these countries combine, it can lead to other major problems within the nation. DONT CHANGE WHAT IS NOT BROKEN, BECUASE IT USUALLLY ENDS IN DISASTER

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