Should authorities be required to obtain warrants to attach GPS devices to cars?

  • Yes, under the right circumstances.

    Since the process of obtaining the warrant would involved going through the judicial process and presenting your reasoning for why you need it in front of a judge, I see no problem with allowing it. GPS information from cars acquired under warrants could be the meaning between life and death for a kidnapped child, for example.

  • A tracking device is a 'search.'

    I believe that, in all cases, electronic or otherwise, the police and other authorities should be required to get a warrant when they want to conduct any type of search, surveillance, or monitoring of citizens. This is really the point of the fourth amendment: to protect the citizenry from constant, intrusive prying by the government.

  • Not if there's sufficient reason.

    To simply randomly attach a GPS device to a car should not be allowed, but if there is reasonable cause to believe that a person is going to commit a crime, or perhaps say a pedophile has been prohibited from being near locations where children are (schools, etc.), I think it's a great idea for a GPS device to be attached to such a person's car, just as an ankle bracelet is attached to a person.

  • Yes, authorities should be required to obtain warrants to attach GPS devices to cars.

    Any kind of search must be approved by a judge or it is inadmissible in court. This includes following a car using a GPS devise. I do, however, believe in certain times, it is important to attach a GPS device, like in cases of kidnapping. However, if it is a false search, it infringes on the rights of people.

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