• I say hell is not enough

    If you have ever talked to an autist then you know that they are the single most annoying bunch to ever walk this earth! First of all, They have a complete lack of understanding how to communicate properly and end up taking literally everything literally. Second of all, When you're talking with one of your home boys then for no reason the autist starts squealing like a retard and puts their fingers in their ears. They are so bloody annoying! They must be publicly beaten the put to death. By having an elephant step on them.

  • The other yes post is based af

    Listen here is the thing you stupid fu cks in the no side are forgetting, Have you seen an autist behave in an outburst. They could hurt somebody else who isnt autist. Also I knew an autist in my school and they let him escape from the special ed class during lunch and he just quoted minecraft lets plays and annoyed everyone. They will never get a job and be a leech to government disability money for they whole life. Also thye should be prevented from having baby

  • I'm autistic and I support this

    I will honestly say yeah, We should die and go to hell. For the betterment of humanity, We're completely a deserve a fate worse than death. Plus we're only do is leech government funds. I will happily put a gun on my own kind, If it for betterment of humanity.

  • Painless euthanasia is more appropriate

    The parents that want their autistic children to live are either constrained by law or idealistic. However, The truth is that the children are the ones who will suffer from misery while under pressure from societal standards. Euthanize and let them keep their innate smile. Hopefully, Next time they may be born in a healthy body.

  • Heaven is an awful place for people with social issues

    The only thing to do in Heaven is socialize with random dead people who've run out of things to say anyway since they have nothing else to do for all of eternity. I think autistic people would find themselves much happier in Hell where they don't force you to make small talk to anyone. Yeah sure, You occasionally have to deal with a red bipedal goat prodding you in the ass with a trident, But other than that Hell is an exciting adventurous place full of incredible geological formations and breathtaking wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • No, They can't do anything about it

    Autism is a medical condition that cannot be cured. A child should not go to hell for having a medical condition that they can't do anything about. So what if they are loud? That is just how they were born! This reminds me of Hitler. He killed people because they were different from him. Being different is not a bad thing!

  • The right to life

    All American have the right to life, We can not go about slaughtering our own citizens, It is against the law and American values. Would you like to Have amazing scientists like Albert Einstein killed, Would you be the person to attack our American core values and our right to life. Would like to kill our understanding of Physics.

  • I’m autistic and don’t want to go to hell or die.

    I think my reasoning is fairly simple and hopefully understandable for most people. Being on the autism spectrum (on the low-support end) I do not want to die just as most people don’t want to die. Nor would I like to go to hell for eternal damnation, Just as most other people wouldn’t want to be. Autism isn’t a sin, Nor did I have a choice in my autism, Having been born with it.

  • This thread is hilarious

    I love this thread because the people on the side here (where I posted) are taking everything so darn seriously. Like they don't get this thread is either a joke or satire and they're taking the points on the other side as though the devil himself came and posted them.

  • There is a prbolem with the debate

    So people only go to hell when they die, So making people go to hell AND THEN die makes no sense. Do you even logic bro? Stupid racist abelist slime have no brain at all because its just rotting with all the illogical things you believe. Go to school kid

  • Deprive them if sleep

    You know, My son has autism and it was super bad at first but then I started taking away his nap times and toys and I started to introduce him to adult life and the dark reality we live in. I gave him lots of discipline and strict order and now, Nobody would guess he has autism. If you want your autistic kid to be better, Get them out of fantasy world and if they refuse, Use force and strictness. This is where being a far right can help as long as you don’t get physical

  • I would add my No vote

    If a child is autistic, It is probably because he or she is being a child. Are not most children rambunctious by nature? Is it not our silly cultural attitudes that demand quietness in children? A child being herself or himself acts according to her or his emotions. No child should go through hell due to their behavior of simply being children.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Autism is a medical condition, And can't be cured. In my opinion, They are no less capable of thought or love, Etc. They are just people, And I can state from experience that they are great people. There is a younger girl I met, Who is incredibly sweet, And has down syndrome. The older kids absolutely adored her. We are talking about KIDS. They just children, And to say yes means you would want to sentence CHILDREN to eternal suffering. Would you do this with a neurotypical child? I don't think so. If your point is that they "cause a problem" neuroypical children do that too. To even think about condemning a child to death and eternal suffering is an unthinkable act for me.

  • Why would you kill someone

    It wasnt their choice for them to live this way. Why would they go to hell for being different. The reason there is special needs class and all is to help them. We need to uplift everyone not downlift everyone. Look im not a liberal and im capitalist. You can't kill someone just cause they didn't have the same oppurtunies as you did. Scott Fitzgerald said whenever you feel like criticizing someone just remember that all the people in the world haven't had the advantages you had.

  • Why the beep would someone think such a cruel mean thing

    Noone should kill anyone. Killing is bad. I don't care if you think they have no value. Noone should care. All lives matter, Not just yours. And the autistic people have value. Everyone has value. If you think they don't have value you are a horrible person. Other people are other people. Live and let live.

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