• Yes. Capitalism and a free market will find a way to replace the jobs.

    In the free market, new technology frees people up to branch out. When the tractor was invented it cost plow jobs. Those workers had more time to spend on other things, or come up with new technology. Handicapping an economy for the sake of maintaining jobs may be desirable in the short term, but will quickly lead to the country or business falling behind.

  • Yes automation should be preferred

    Automation should be preferred because it will lower labor costs for companies which should in turn lower costs overall for the company. These labor savings should be passed on to the consumer, so that the consumer is not paying so much for a product. Automation is preferred because it can better standardized quality assurance.

  • Yes, automated should be preferred.

    I think that if automation makes a job or an industry run a lot more better and efficient, then it should be preferred even though it may cost a lot of jobs for everyday people. I think that a business at the end of the day only cares about the bottom line. And if automations helps with that, then so be it.

  • It frees people up.

    Yes, automation should be preferred because of increased efficiency even though it decreases jobs, because it is important to do things in the most free way, in order to lower costs. Getting rid of one job makes things less expensive and then the people who lose their jobs can do something else to help society prosper.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe automation should be preferred because it increases efficiency. Efficiency allows the human race to focus on other matters that are more important. While it does impact jobs in the short term, it tends to create better fields in the future. We have millions of people in technology fields now, in jobs that didn't exist 20 years ago.

  • The poor have suffered enough!

    Efficiency and profit should never be held above the livelihoods of the common people. If we give jobs to robots, many working-class and middle-class people will lose their livelihood, unable to find work because the people at the top decided that the life of another matters less than money. I believe none of the corporations using automation will use it for any good. I believe all it will do is usher in an unprecedented increase in money going to the richest 1%, while the other 99% of the population suffers in the process. Do you want your children to suffer from unemployment because the rich ripped their future out of their hands without them knowing? Do you want to see a world where, despite the Constitution stating that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, only the richest 1% are able to afford it, while the rest of the world lives in eternal poverty? Do you want the United States of America to switch to Communism and likely give rise to another dictator like Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini? By supporting machines stealing jobs on the scale that automation by advanced Artificial Intelligence will, you also support the potential that it may not lead to your delusional, unrealistic utopia. It is time to listen to what the Luddites say rather than dismissing them as radical terrorists. Maybe it is time to actually consider their beliefs. They may actually know what they are saying. They may be more correct than you.

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