• Simply sustainability first

    Fossil fuel is an unrenewable resource, it's as simple as that. While electricity is more often than not generated by burning coal or natural gas, it is also possible to use windmills, solar power, and many other options. When the fossil fuels run out, there is no way to create more.

  • Yes, automobiles should make the shift completely to electricity.

    Yes, automobiles should make the shift completely to electricity because otherwise we are destroying our environment. Electric cars are safer for the environment and should therefore be incorporated at a time when our environment is at the worst it has ever been and we need to find ways to improve it. Electric cars would be one way to do that.

  • Yes, automobiles should shift completely to electric power.

    Fossil fuels are non renewable, and are causing emissions which are contributing to climate change. Electric cars are now a reality, and as the technology becomes cheaper, we should begin to gradually replace fossil fuel powered vehicles. It's better for the environment and the economy in the long run. We can't rely on non renewable resources forever. However, like I have previously stated, this change should be made gradually, as to ease ourselves into the next generation.

  • Not with the current state of electric car technology.

    Automobiles should move towards full-electric/other zero-emissions technology. But the current level of this technology is unsuitable for rural drivers. Electric vehicles are great in cities where destinations are geographically close, regular snow removal, frequent charging locations, and shelter in the event of an accident/break down.

    Changing to completely electric fleets with current technology excludes rural drivers from being able to purchase new vehicles that are sufficiently safe for their driving needs.

  • It wouldn't work!

    Electric motors are not as strong. They cannot pull very much! The world would be crippled due to the lack of trucking! Not to mention not many people have the money to buy a "smart car" and now i need some more words. But now I'm ok because i have-

  • Automobiles should not make the shift completely to electricity

    Automobiles should not make the shift completely to electricity because to date it is not a proven technology that is scalable to current demands. Electric vehicles are not capable of travelling long distances. Nor is there a sufficient infrastructure in place to handle electric vehicles. Furthermore, demand is low and current all electric vehicles are expensive.

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