• Absolutely, it should

    Everything else is taxed, why not this? It will discourage moronic and frivolous waste of air fuel. There is a finite amount of fuel on our planet and it needs to be preserved. Look at it environmentally or economically, it still should be used sparingly and a tax would do just that.

  • Tax it

    Everything else is taxed, so why not aviation fuel? It's already expensive, yes, but maybe the answer isn't to artificially keep its price down, but rather, to use less of it. More efficient engines, alternate means of transit like trains, and just plain less unnecessary travel are all viable and reasonable alternatives.

  • Of course

    Aviation fuel should be taxed because it should be held to the same standards as every other fuel. Fuel used for cars and boats are taxed so I don't see why aviation fuel shouldn't be taxed. Almost everything has a tax slapped onto it and I feel that aviation fuel should be taxed the same way, if its fuel getting shipped from point A to point B, it should have a tax on it.

  • Aviation Fuel should not be taxed

    Fuel is expensive, and that tax will just result in increased prices for the passengers. Flights are already expensive, and this would make the tickets extremely expensive. Airplanes are a practical way to get around, and if the price keeps going up they may not be available to everyone. Taxes are usually bad for economy.

  • No aviation fuel should not be taxed

    Airline costs are already high enough as it is right now with so many different fees for many different things from baggage to weight among other things. If you taxed aviation fuel, which is already expensive as it is I might add, these costs would just skyrocket higher yet. So no I don't think aviation fuel should be taxed, the costs for flying is expensive enough already.

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