• Yes of course!!!!!

    Giving out awards at school encourages kids to not just get passing grades, but to strive to get the best possible grades they can. If you don't get any more credit for getting amazing grades, what is the point for working hard and not just doing the bare minimum? They encourage kids to do their best and getting that recognition will make them want to do more. That is why I think that awards will be benificial for all!

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  • Awards should be given out at schools.

    Giving out an award to students who have achieved something is a great idea in order to promote competition, as well as make them feel like they can achieve something if they work hard. Students need to be taught very early that their actions can have an effect on how they will do in life and the harder the work the more they will achieve. Competition is a big factor in life and there is no place to start being competitive than in your years at school.

  • Because nobody likes giving or receiving them.

    Awards are not a desirable to anyone in high school that is liable to obtain them, And should be severely restricted if not forbidden if they are to have any value. They do not encourage positive behavior or achievement, As many would rather sit a detention than a three hour ceremony.

  • School must decide if this award meets an objective in a realistic society.

    The school ought to at least acknowledge that such an award meets a need in the world that can be met in a way that any student could rise to the challenge. The responsible school faculty should be able to take responsibility for devising that award, Especially for its positive capacity for all students even in the future. If it is within the school's guide for one cohort it follows that the effect for the next cohort is to make the school more successful in a changing world, Yet more objectively. Someone from a previous cohort might have achieved already so there is a learning idea present. However in a realistic society and world, Responsibility starts to discern that award's positive implications for all students or discontinue that award and brainstorm another kind of great "academic" booster prize.

  • Reason why college isn't more popular.

    Besides the fact of colleges expenses, if high school diplomas weren't such a huge deal to earn, I think kids would want to earn that college diploma, and by making it a huge award to get the high school diploma kids feel satisfied with how they have done, and that they don't need to work harder, because they have done just enough to graduate and earn the award. With that point in mind, many children already do the bare minimum to get by, so with awards being a huge deal kids might work harder, but they will stop as soon as they earn what they were after, even if they can do so much better.

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  • Ban awards in schools

    Award does not invoke the spirit of learning. Students quest for it only to achieve it but never ever try to master the discipline in which he is competing. It may bring laurel to one or two but frustration and humiliation to many. Thus, in no way it could be said that awards promote competition.

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