Should awareness be raised about National Son/Daughter day?

Asked by: leopardfire123
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  • A day that most people don't know about

    I do believe that we should raise awareness about this day, because while most people know about mother's day or father's day, almost no one that I know knows about Nation Son/Daughter day. (And for those who don't know, Son/Daughter day is on August 11th.) Feel free to give reasons why we shouldn't raise awareness.

  • This is ridiculous!

    From National Waffle Day to National Ugly Sweater Day, I've had enough! No day is truly a special holiday if every day is a holiday! Every one is either a son or a daughter. We don't need a national holiday for it. If all of these national days keep carrying on, people aren't going to look forward to them, it will just be an annoyance!

  • Where's the utility?

    Regardless of the day's current visibility, I ask one question: what is the utility of a day specifically set aside for sons/daughters?

    Holidays exist to commemorate and event (Christmas, birthdays) or to bring awareness of an idea (Memorial Day, MLK day). However, Son/Daughter day simply asks individuals to appreciate their child, which fits neither of these criteria.

    Instead, it may be the case that this day would create negative utility. Individuals frequently feel assuaged of personal guilt when they do something small or singular for a larger cause (this happens frequently with charitable donations). It is my fear that individuals would use this day to assuage any responsibilities they hold in lieu of performing the responsibilities that they actually have.

  • Everyday is national son/daughter day.

    Any good and self-respecting parent celebrates this "national holiday" on a daily basis. Parenting is more then just feeding and providing your child with the basic necessities that you deem as fit. Having a child also binds you to an eternal loving contract with them.
    Parents, on the other hand, are taken advantage of on a daily basis (as are teachers, etc.). Children take from their care-givers and never give anything in return, so "mothers day" and "fathers day" is a good thing to celebrate.

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