Should Axl Rose of the rock band Guns N' Roses undergo extensive plastic surgery?

  • It looks like it

    It sure does look like Axl Rose did undergo extensive plastic surgey. His face looks completely different and you don't naturally not have wrinkles at his age without having something done to you. It is his right to get plastic surgery, but I have to admit that it does look a bit weird.

  • No one should undergo plastic surgery.

    I will use the age old argument between evolution and creation to support my opinion here. When we choose our mates, we do so largely based on how they look. This natural selection is what allows us to evolve attractive people. If we try to change our looks any other way outside of natural selection, we will skew the process. Ugly genes will be passed on and everyone will have to have plastic surgery to be attractive. For this reason, no one, including Axl Rose should undergo plastic surgery, extensive or otherwise.

  • He looks fine as is.

    Axl Rose looks completely fine as is, and I am not completely sure why he would need surgery. While he may not be the most handsome man in the world, he is not that ugly and surely has a decent amount of money. If he recently had a horrible accident then maybe he should, but if nothings happened then he is fine the way he is.

  • Why would Axl Rose ever under go plastic surgery

    Axl Rose should never under go plastic surgery. He is not a barbie Ken type of doll that should be perfect for everyone. He is an American Icon. He is unique. How unique would it be if he just went and transformed himself to please others. He has never stood for this with his music and it would totally clash against who he is.

  • That's Up To Him

    I do not believe I have any say in rather or not Axl Rose should undergo extensive plastic surgery. I don't even know if that is something he is interested in. If it is, he should seek out a cosmetic surgeon and discuss it with them. It's not up to the people of the world.

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