• Male circumcision is good

    My son, my husband, my father, my brothers, my father in law, my brother in law, and all of the other ones i have not mentioned are all circumcised in my family at birth. They are all loving life and doing wonderfully. My son is a very happy young man too (:
    Peace out,

  • The health benefits cannot be ignored

    Yes, I do think that babies should continue to be circumcised. There are proven health benefits involved in removing the foreskin that range from basic hygiene issues all the way up to physical discomfort that must be considered. Of course, I also do not believe in forced medical procedures either, as always, it should be left up to the parents to decide based on pereference or religious tradition.

  • Yes, babies should be circumcised.

    I hear people saying it should be left up to the child when he comes as an adult. I am taking away his choice. It also was not my child's choice in being born to a mother, whose idea of having a healthy boy is to have him circumcised. If I can make the choice to give life to him, than I am sure it will be alright with him, minus some foreskin, in which he would have no idea what it's like to be any different than healthy

  • Yes, if the parents feel it should be done.

    Male circumcision should be left up to the parents. It's often a religious choice, and done by people of specific religions (such as Christians and Jewish). However, it's also not completely medically necessary. I have read opposing articles on the topic, and from those I basically formed an ambivalent opinion on the topic, so I feel it should be down to the choice of the parents, or religious reasons. But it certainly shouldn't be forbidden.

  • Circumsicion Is Healthier

    Circumcision are generally done in America based on the health factors associate with the practice. It helps for hygienic purposes and also reduces infections. For this reason, I believe that babies should be circumcised because it is common in our society and considered the norm. Secondly, men who have to have it done late in life, because their parents didn't opt for it, experience far more pain.

  • Yes. I believe babies should be circumsized.

    Yes. I believe babies should be circumcised, but only with consent permission from the parent. i think it should be solely the parents decision. This policy would eliminate all of controversy surrounding this issue, and create a fair medium for everyone involved. There are some advantages to circumcision, but parents should have the right to choose.

  • Yes they should.

    I do think that babies should be circumcised because it helps prevent infections. I think it should be left up to the parents though. However, it does allow the area to stay cleaner. This prevents the possibility of infection from the area getting too dirty. This use to be more of a problem than it is today.

  • A foreskin is not a medical emergency!

    Being born as a boy is not a medical emergency where you have limited time to remove his foreskin or he'll die! There is nothing stopping you from letting him grow up with an intact penis and letting him make that choice for himself. He will not die from UTI's, just like little girls don't either. He will not go around with an infected penis all his life unless you cause the infection yourself by pulling back his foreskin before it's ready.

    Leave little boys penises alone!

  • I don’t really think that babies should be circumcised unless they are Jewish.

    I don’t really think that babies should be circumcised
    unless they are Jewish. I respect that
    circumcision is part of the Jewish religion, so they should be allowed to
    circumcise their babies. But other
    babies shouldn’t be circumcised. I feel
    that non-Jewish babies should be allowed to grow up and decide for themselves
    whether they want to be circumcised or not.

  • No, one should be given the choice to be circumcised

    Babies should not be circumcised. This takes the choice away from the child for something that is purely aesthetic in nature. Furthermore, a circumcised penis can be less sensitive to sexual pleasure than an un-circumcised penis. Circumcision should not be banned, but people should be able to decide whether or not they want to be circumcised when they have the mental ability to do so.

  • Human Rights Violation

    Your baby boy does not want to be circumcised. It should be his choice over what he wants done to his body.... Not by a doctor who recommends this surgery purely so that he can have an extra $400 spending money. Times have changed and people would like to make THEIR OWN choices... Not made when they couldn't even consent to a completly unnecessary surgery.

  • People have the right to bodily integrity!

    No, because people have the right to bodily integrity. Bodily integrity is a human right which means that humans have the right to their bodies and their bodies are not property. By forcing circumcision on a person, you are saying that person is your property. Also, if you force circumcision onto a child, it means you are very inconsiderate of other people's bodies and what they want to do with their bodies. Circumcision is an example of human stupidity and it is mutilation. This mutilation will not solve any health problems, instead this mutilation will make them worse.

  • Babies should be allowed to decide when they are adults

    Did anyone consider discussing the human rights of the child, and the possibility of waiting until he is old enough to make an informed decision on his own? Has anyone considered the possibility that maybe he might become an angry man filled with hate towards those who circumcised him? I am one of those men.

  • No, babies should not be circumcised outside of medical necessity.

    Routine infant circumcision is a risky, painful, cosmetic procedure. It is completely unnecessary and it is harmful. It is NOT the parents choice or right to make a permanent, life altering decision for their child outside of medical necessity. By choosing to circumcise you are choosing to not only risk their health and life, but you are damaging their mind and their future. It is completely unethical and immoral.

  • No informed consent

    No. Circumcision is an irreversible procedure, not equivalent to vaccination. It is invasive, change the form and function of the penis, turns the glans from an internal tissue into an external tissue. When something goes wrong in infant circumcision, it's the child who has to live with the consequences. Because those consequences can be severe (including growing up without penis), the decision should only be taken by an adult male over his own body. Nobody should make this decision on behalf of anybody else.

  • Routine infant circumcision is barbaric and unnecessary.

    The male foreskin contains over 20,000 specialized nerve-endings; in contrast, the female clitoris contains only 8,000! Why would any man not want to have that; why would any parent want to deprive their son of a full and natural sex life?

    In Europe, where baby boys are not routinely mutilated at birth, boys and men are not running around with rampant infections. Men are happy to have 100% of the bodies they were born with, to use and enjoy as God/Nature intended. The foreskin serves many protective and pleasurable (for BOTH partners!) purposes and is MEANT to be there. The rest of the civilized world looks at us Americans, still cutting our boys, with the same horror and disgust with which we look upon cultures who cut their girls.

    "When it comes to holding down perfectly healthy babies and severing flesh from their bodies, how much can you cut away before it becomes morally wrong?”

    His body, his choice.

  • Say no to circumcision

    I am totally pro-circumcision, both male and female. I think everyone should have the right to get it done, as long as it is on their own body and it is consensual.

    It’s not an issue of the penis, it’s an issue of human rights.
    Say no to forced circumcision.

  • Most definitely not.

    First off let me say that if you are reading this and you have been circumcised I am sorry for your loss. If you have been misled and had a son circumcised I am sorry that you have been misguided.

    Now, let's get to it.

    Male circumcision decreases sexual sensation and drastically affects sexual function for life.
    Evidence: Youtube;
    The Prepuce Anatomy and Physiology of the Foreskin
    Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

    Circumcision is extremely agonizing.
    Evidence: Youtube; Search for a video of a circumcision, you will need to have a youtube account because people age moderate it.

    Circumcision is not based on science but tradition. (bells should ring)

    Circumcision violates consent and is assault as restraints are used which infants struggle against. The patient is the infant, not the parent. Parents have no right to force genital mutilation on their children even if such was done to them.

    Circumcision is the destruction of healthy tissues.

    When people learn what circumcision is it would cease to be.

    Good luck is learning about this painful topic and be honest with yourself. The future is counting on you to speak up against injustice.

    Primum non nocere.

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