• Bitches gonna be like that

    Elated Opinions
    This image from the cover of this book is Scary As F--k and gave people Nightmares
    If someone is a Psychopath and/or Sociopath, But they can't help it, Are they truly evil?
    Is Bill Murray really the coolest, Best, Greatest human being, And greatest movie Star Alive, As online articles say
    Should we build our roads out of solar panels?
    Do violent protesters deserve to get Coronavirus?
    Supermodel Elle Johnson would be a great Replacement for Vanna White after she retires from Wheel of Fortune
    Debate. Org is cursed.
    Pro Life Suicide Prevention people would in an instant support the growing Right to Die Movement if they had unbearable suffering themselves, Just Watch
    Should The Lockhorns comic strip with Leroy & Loretta Lockhorn be made into a live action movie?
    Should Men's Rights be talked about just as much as Women's Rights?
    Related Debates
    nobody wants to take me on in a debate coz im to Kleva
    china is purposely instigating international tensions to start a war wity the west
    abortion debate
    Universal Healthcare is superior to Private Healthcare
    Disabled Vets Need More COVID-19 Support Than Regular Citizens
    Humans can get Corona Virus
    No one needs a gun not ever. Not for any reason. Its time to put ALL guns down and believe in peace!
    Every cop is bad
    Climate change is real.

  • No you @$$hole!

    What in in hell would make you think such an atrocious thing? Maybe you should be dead! Not maybe! You should be dead! 1 Black cat's life has more value that trillions of your lives! You are an @$$ hole that deserves to die painfully and have a black cat $hit on your corpse!

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