Should background checks be required at gun shows?

  • Yes, they should.

    I believe this because there are people in the world who would want to ban guns just because criminals use them, and just because you ban guns it does not stop the problem - it makes it worse. However, if you make it harder for criminals to get guns by having background checks when people go to purchase guns, it makes it harder for criminals to get guns - and they can be caught easier, too.

  • They have to be

    It's legitimately horrifying that there are people that don't think this is needed. If you like your guns that's great and all, but you don't want to know who else are buying them, what are you, nuts? This needs to be put into place and it's disgraceful it isn't already.

  • Some people cannot be trusted.

    Yes background checks should be conducted. You never know who you may be giving a gun too, so yes they should be required. On this earth we live in there are many people who are out just to hurt people and reek havoc, whenever they get a sense of power in their possession. So they do need to conduct background checks.

  • They Should Be Required

    Background checks should be required at all gun shows. It is not a good idea for people who could put others at risk to be in a possession of guns. Especially at a show were there are a lot of people. These checks should be mandatory and those that don't do it should not be allowed in.

  • Absolutely.

    Anyone purchasing a firearm should be subjected to a rigorous background check. There should be no loopholes for trade shows or so-called gun shows. If you want to own a firearm, you should prove that you are a citizen who is capable of owning a weapon that can kill. It is just like getting a driver's license. While driving isn't a constitutionally guaranteed right, it is similar in the sense that unlicensed drivers haven't demonstrated the skills need to operate a potentially deadly weapon. Like cars, guns should be in the hands of those who are found to be responsible.

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