• Backpacks should be allowed.

    I think they should be allowed. I understand that they could possibly be a safety hazard. My daughter is in 6th grade, and I really wonder what 6th grader would bring a gun to school. High school, sure. But middle school? It would make everything less stressful. People would have everything for class and not be late.

  • They should be allowed because

    People are forgetful they want their backpacks with them so they have all their stuff instead of interrupting class to go to their locker and get something. Backpacks are NOT a fire hazard I swear to god if I hear that excuse again I going to freak out, if a fire happens in school a little backpack is not going to keep me from getting out.

  • Why is this even a debate?

    I see the "you can keep guns in them." You can't in any other kind of bag? Or on yourself? It may just be because I'm not American, but in schools here, not bringing a bag/backpack is stupid because of all the stuff we have to bring. Notebooks, pencil case(s), folders, and books. You gonna carry that around in hand?

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  • Where's the harm?

    There is no justifiable reason for why we're not allowed to have backpacks in class. Distraction? Well, if there is, then you should ask them to put it away. Backpacks are an easy way to store things, and should be brought along in class. There's nothing wrong with having a backpack in class. Just... Why?

  • As a guy who would like to carry his backpack around... I still have to decline.

    Look, I would love to bring my backpack around. But a lot of the time there isn't much room to put your stuff, and depending on the classroom. It could cause trouble for something like a fire alarm.

    Not only that, but is it really a big deal to carry your stuff?
    Again it's not what I want, but what I think is best.

  • ? ? ?

    Leave all the goodies at home. In todays society of technology and the antiquated way of teaching students should go to school, go to their classes learn what they need for the day and if extra work is required then do it through technology, i.e. phones apps, tablets, etc. lets help the kids be ready for society with proper knowledge that they will want to expand on not how to haul things from class to class.

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