• They are not responsible.

    Yes, bad credit should keep someone from getting a good job, because bad credit shows that a person is not responsible. Bad credit means that the person wants what they want when they want it, even if what they want is not responsible, or it is not something they can afford. That is not a good quality in an employee.

  • Bad Credit Should Not Prevent People More

    Bad credit is already making many people feel very limited and suffer many disadvantages in their life. These can include losing the ability to take out a loan for a car and a house. If people are also not able to get jobs because of their bad credit, society will be worse off. People need to be forgiven for bad credit because it is not always their fault.

  • No babd credit should not keep someone from getting a good job.

    No, bad credit should not keep someone from getting a good job. Just because someone has bad credit does not mean that person is not a hard worker. Sometimes things happen and people fall on hard times. However, that does not mean someone does not deserve a good job and a chance to turn their life around.

  • No, bad credit shouldn't keep somebody from a good job.

    I don't think that a person's bad credit score should keep them from getting a good job. I think that it is more important that the person's work history reflects how valuable they will be as a worker and employee. A credit score shojld only affect one's ability to get a house.

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