• The should cut them all

    I believe that bailed out companies should not only cut the executives pay but they should not be able to bank a profit till all the money has been paid backed. The reason that they should cut the executives pay is due to the fact that it was their fault that the company is in the hole that it is in and therefore they should be held responsible. They should make it to where a company uses a bail out as a last resort not a saving grace.

  • They are government subsidized now.

    Yes, bailed-out companies should cut their executives pay, because they are now effectively the same thing as public servants. They have also more than proved that they cannot effectively run a company, so they do not deserve to have giant salaries. They need to be brought back into line until they can earn a profit.

  • Yes, bailed out companies should cut executives' pay.

    I definitely think that the pay of executives in bailed out companies should either be cut or the executives themselves need to be fired. The reason the companies were bailed out is because they failed. And when a company fails, those in charge need to take responsibility. If a company is going to use tax payer money to fund it, they need to make drastic changes to how it is ran.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would help out a lot if these companies would cut the pay of a lot of the people that they have working who make a huge amount of money. I think that a lot of them are over paid and that it is a reason they fail.

  • No "bailed-out" companies should not be required to cut executives' pay.

    Since the United States' economy is a free market economy the pay of a company's executive staff should be determined by the marketplace. The marketplace will vote with its money, by buying or sell the company's stock. The US government should not be in the business of the telling a company how much to pay its senior executive staff.

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