• Yes let them burn their money

    I hate to see beautiful instruments get destroyed. But then I am reminded that they no deserve them and they should waste another grand and stimulate the economy.
    Smashing instruments has been overdone and IT WILL NOT MAKE U COOL. Just let them destroy themselves and fade into obscurity I do not care for them

  • Smashing instruments can give that extra entertainment.

    When bands smash guitars they have their gimmick and having a gimmick can attract more fans. The more bands are being made they need gimmicks. Gimmicks are so important for the entertainment of anythings famous. So my opinion is bands should smash instruments to give themselves a gimmick and more fans.

  • What about high school classical bands?

    If you smash those instruments you are getting in trouble. Those are valuable. Not every instrument is a guitar. Some instruments are really valuable it isn't something you should break. And even if those are guitars if you smash a golden guitar you waste substances. Those are pretty easy to understand.

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