• Yes it is true.

    It is O.K to say that the Bank DNB should pull financing from North Dakota pipeline. This is the right thing to do since it is the best option. Therefore we should all encourage this since all of the clients will benefit the the Bank DNB does this in the end.

  • Yes, Bank DNB should pull financing from North Dakota pipeline.

    I think that Bank DNB should pull the financing from North Dakota pipeline because the pipeline should not be put in. The pipeline is going to destroy the water and the natural habitat of thousands of people and animals. It is not right for them to destroy sacred Native American grounds to make money on oil.

  • Yes, the North Dakota pipeline is infringing on the rights of local Native Americans.

    Yes, Bank DNB should pull financing from the North Dakota pipeline because the plan to route it through the local drinking supply and Native American burial grounds is truly malicious. If this were to be allowed, there would have another case of Flint, Michigan at the Standing Rock Reservation with their water supply polluted. More than that, their dead would be violated and would show how little the U.S. cares about its indigenous population.

  • Yes, I hink so.

    DNB definitely care about their bottom line, as any for-profit organization should, but this is more about getting rid of machines no one is using anymore at a quicker pace.
    Norwegians who want to give their grandchildren a cash-birthday present or something may still do so commission free by visiting any store that has bank-in-store partnerships (which is Norgesgruppen, who runs about half the stores in the country), to withdraw money much faster than from an ATM

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