Should Bank of America be held accountable for Countrywide's past mistakes?

  • Yes, they should be accountable

    Bank Of America was in on everything with Countrywide and should be accountable. They played a factor in to the mortgage crisis and should be punished and responsible for help paying some of the money that was lost back. They knew what was going on and continue to allow it and help so they are responsible also.

  • Its a matter of principle

    Yes Bank of America should be held accountable for countrywide's past mistakes. If they do not take responsibility then the consumers trust will be damage and so will the reputation of the Bank of America. They cannot afford to lose the support of the public, particularly in this stressful economic climate.

  • Yes, Bank of America should have known what it was getting involved with

    I think Bank of America should be held fully accountable. Countrywide's actions were so flagrant and obviously wrong, that anyone purchasing the company or its remaining assets cannot simply claim that their actions were in the past. Second, "forgiving" Bank of America for Countrywide's actions would be yet another example of how the banking industry gets a pass even though it almost wrecked the nation's economy.

  • No, the past should stay in the past.

    Whatever discretions Countrywide may have had before they started making deals with Bank of America should be on them - not Bank of America. Bank of America has its own issues and faults in their system, not to mention one of the worst track records in history of customer service. I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

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