• Not only prison, straight to GULAG with them

    Just so we are clear, I'm talking about big, top-level bankers. The kind that plunged the whole world into biggest financial crisis in last 70-80 years, and then got away with it by blaming everything on 2 or 3 scapegoats and "unpredictability of the market and economy" (and in fact they scooped and stole hundreds millions of dollars more as a retirement and "golden parachute" package while fleeing the scene of the crime). Those greedy monsters have damaged, hurt and ruined so many lives, families, businesses and even whole countries with their: evil, thievery, greed, arrogance (and maybe incompetence), that they literally have as much blood and souls on their money grabbing hand as any genocidal dictator you can imagine. Dictators (at least those not in brotherly love with USA) eventually get toppled, and in the process are either jailed for life or killed. In any case, they get what they deserve, and so should the bankers, but since I'm not a big fan of death sentence, I vote for gulag type of forced labour camp for that scum.

  • Yes, bankers should go to prison for their offenses.

    Bankers should be sentenced as criminals for their offenses instead of being fined. Many times, the fines bankers are sentenced to pay are very minimal in comparison to the amount they have made in revenues relating to their offenses. A prison sentence would be a more effective way to deter future offenders.

  • Yes, bankers should be sent to prison rather than be fined for offenses.

    Bankers should be sent to prison instead of being fined for offenses. Many of the bankers offenses are rather heinous, and negatively impact many people. Since bankers tend to have money, a fine would not have much of an impact. However, time in prison away from family and friends and freedom would have much more of a positive impact. The punishment fits the crime.

  • The prisons don't need any more people

    Our prisons are chock-full of people who have committed minor (or relatively "victimless") crimes. The bill for these jails is skyrocketing, and taxes are rising in order to respond to the need. This isn't our best use of money. Those individuals who have committed non-violent crimes should be given other punitive options. Prison should be reserved for violent criminals who are in need of intense rehabilitation.

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