• Just like a business.

    Yes, bankrupt governments should be forced to sell their assets, because they are no different than everyone else. There is no reason that Detroit should be able to hang on to millions of dollars of art while they are defaulting on their creditors. They should pay off what they have first.

  • Yes, they should not retain wealth.

    Yes, I think it only fair that a government that goes bankrupt should be required to sell it's assets. I don't think it's right for a bankrupt government to be allowed to retain massive wealth. I believe all assets should be sold and the money used to offset the debt burden of the specific government.

  • Bankrupt governments be forced to sell their assets

    bankrupt governments should be forced to sell their assets if at the time they have assest to sell. According to bankruptsy laws for regular civilians we are required to sell any assests that we have if we should claim bankruptsy so I dont see why it would be any different for them if they are making up a debt.

  • Bankrupt governments should be forced to sell their assets.

    In bankruptcy court, a individual or corporate debtor is forced to sell their non-exempt assets. A bankruptcy in the case of a government should be no different. As with most bankruptcies, many debtors are in the position they are in due to excessive spending on non-essential items. These assets should be sold even in the debtor is a government entity.

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