• Yes, they should

    Privately owned banks make so much money off of average working folks, it's almost unfathomable. They will even charge you when your bank falls below zero dollars. Yes, they should pay higher taxes. If they're going to take so much, the least they could do is give back some of what they take.

  • Banks should pay higher taxes.

    Man banks fail to pay sufficient taxes each year by declaring that most of their profits were made out of the country. Since banks are federally insured and authorized to charge consumers for managing money, they should be subject to higher tax levels that prevent them from evading the bulk of their fair share.

  • Banks should pay higher taxes

    Yes, banks should pay higher taxes. I believe that they should because they take so much money from the consumer as it is that why not charge them more to make up for all the money that we are so called missing right now to better the economy. I think it is the right idea.

  • Banks and churches should pay higher taxes.

    Banks make much of their money through Capital gains. Even corporate capital gains should be taxed parallel with a butcher. One trades in currency, the other trades in meat. They both make a profit by using the skills that they have acquired through various sources. Why do we tax them separately?

  • They should pay just as any business

    Banks should only pay as many taxes as are typical of businesses. Just because they handle large sums of money, they should not necessarily be responsible for more taxes. They need profit margins, and because they are caring for the wealth of so many people it would be wrong to hurt them with higher taxes.

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