Should banned books be required reading for students?

  • Banned Books Should be Read

    In today's world, various schools and libraries have banned certain books deemed too controversial. These very books should be required reading for students because of their controveries, though. Students should not be hidden from controversies and should read these books because they are often considered classics even though they're banned.

  • Some already are

    What is a banned book today? Books that are banned today will not be so in the future, and books that used to be banned are no considered to be classics. The idea of banned is only a matter of time - so they might as well be read now.

  • Using the Same Logic as Book Banners Themselves

    Yes, the books that are banned are controversial and yes that makes them wonderful titles to many. But, book banners force their opinions on others while banning books. Controversial books start many different opinions. One person could think that the book would be a horrible thing for students to read based on the content. Another person could believe the message was the best those students could get. The people that ban the books are forcing everyone to live by their opinion. Saying that banning books is bad and that in response students should be required to read banned books is the same thing. The truth is, we cannot force our opinions onto others. Book banning is bad, but forcing others to read banned books because they were banned is worse.

  • They are controversial.

    With so many books available to students these days, if a book is banned, or even if it just considered controversial, students should simply selected something else to read. There is a saying that goes, if it is doubtful, don't do it. That is good advice. There are so many books out there, if something is controversial enough that it needs to be banned, it should not be part of the conversation.

  • What do you mean by banned?

    I think that most books are banned for their religious or sexual precepts. Therefore requiring a student to read a certain book with these precepts is forcing either religious or sexual content on the student. I think that if a student feels like the book is conveying questionable morals, the teacher should allow that student to choose a different book that meets the reading standards for that grade level. Under the separation of church and state laws, it is ok for a student to read whatever book, they want to read; it is not ok to require/force a student to read books with the named precepts.

  • No they should not.

    I don't think any books really should be required of students to read for school or class. Every book has so much too offer in words and wisdom to creativity. I think students should be allowed to read a book of their choice at all times just has to be a book at their reading level.

  • There Are So Many

    I do not believe banned books should be required reading for students. I believe the first problem with this idea is the fact that there are so many banned books that it would take a person far too long to read them all. I do not believe books should be banned, but I don't believe a person should be forced to read literature either.

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